Top 5 Reasons To Use Stand Up Packaging for Your Food Products


People are busy today. They work, sometimes more than one job, attend classes, take care of families and much more. The busyness trend has increased the need for more readily available food products, from snack items to premade foods you have to just heat up. Food flexible packaging offers a valuable solution for you when you plan to compete in this industry. These are the top five reasons you should consider stand-up pouches.

High Vapor Barriers

Stand-up pouches have a tighter seal that prevents moisture from getting into the food. Because they can keep out light, moisture, odors and impurities, your food lasts longer on the shelf. In addition, your clients can reseal them so they can keep their snacks fresh longer after they purchase them.

These packages are also puncture-resistant. Therefore, they retain their seal during transportation and before and after purchase.


Flexible packaging is also convenient. Not only do your food products stand up on the shelves in these flexible pouches, but they also provide more real estate where you can print information for your customers. In addition, they are easy to stack, store and carry. They take up less room in the warehouse and store shelves and in boxes or pallets during transport.

These pouches are lightweight. Some even allow for reuse. These package options are also convenient for retailers. They fit better on store shelves, and your distributors can put more on the shelves. They can even create better, more attractive and eye-catching displays.

Variety of Sizes

These pouches are highly flexible. You can design your packaging and choose the size and shape that will best display your food products. While some packaging companies offer stock sizes, others have greater customization options.

You can choose the packaging that best fits in your warehouse and on the store shelves of your distributors. You can also determine the best size based on your distribution needs. Due to their versatility, you may choose to offer different product sizes to your customers.


Stand-up pouches also offer full customization. Not only can you choose different sizes and shapes, but you can choose your print design and material color. You can also determine how you want your pouches to seal and whether you will include pourable spouts or zippered closers that allow your customers to preserve leftover products or reuse the packaging.

You can choose the type of pouch bottom you prefer as well as whether you want to include handles on your pouches. Your packaging can also be opaque, have a window or keep the light out entirely. The graphics and printing is also fully customizable, and you get extra real estate to put more information, graphics or QR codes on your products.


Stand-up pouches are also sustainable. Their production is efficient, and they are recyclable. It takes fewer raw materials to produce these solutions. Because they fit your product perfectly, you reduce waste. Many are also reusable. Their transportation and storage is also more efficient.

As you review the benefits of stand-up pouches, consider all the ways you can make your mylar bags custom.