The Variav-Ved Road Tapi River Bridge marks 120 bridges in Surat

Surat has now gained the distinction of having the highest number of bridges in India


Surat : Surat, the bustling city of Gujarat, has recently reached a remarkable milestone in its urban infrastructure development. With the inauguration of the 15th bridge on Tapi river, Variav-Ved Road Tapi River Bridge, Surat has now gained the distinction of having the highest number of bridges in India, with an impressive count of 120—this includes fly-over bridges and river bridge. This new addition not only enhances connectivity within the city but also reinforces Surat’s position as a thriving metropolis with a strong focus on infrastructure development.

Connectivity and Progress:

The Variav-Ved Road Tapi River Bridge has emerged as a vital link connecting the eastern and western regions of Surat, facilitating smoother and more efficient transportation for residents and commuters. The bridge’s strategic location serves as an essential corridor, streamlining the flow of traffic and reducing travel time significantly. Commuters and businesses alike will benefit from the improved connectivity, promoting economic growth and ease of access to various parts of the city.

Due to the Ved-Variav Bridge, motorists will no longer have to take the 7.5 km detour from Katargam to Variav and Chaprabhatha and this distance can be covered in just 1.5 minutes. Considering the traffic load in Katargam-Vedroad and Variav-Amroli-Chaprabhatha areas on the opposite end of Tapi River, this bridge constructed by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) will make it very easy for the residents of Variav area to reach the main areas of the city like Chowkbazar-Athwallines and Railway Station, Laldarwaja.

In particular, there will be new and direct traffic-free connectivity to the National Highway (NH8), including the Outer Ring Road being constructed around the city. The traffic load on Amroli Bridge over Tapi river near Katargam Gajera School will also be reduced as motorists will get a new option from this bridge. Ved-Variav Bridge has become the 15th bridge over Tapi river.

Prominence of Surat’s Bridges:

Surat has long been known as the “Bridge City” due to its extensive network of bridges that span across the Tapi River and its tributaries. This latest addition of the Variav-Ved Road Tapi River Bridge further solidifies Surat’s prominence as a city that prioritizes the development of robust infrastructure. The construction of bridges in Surat showcases the city’s commitment to enhancing connectivity, easing traffic congestion, and accommodating its ever-growing population.

Driving Economic Growth:

The rapid growth of Surat’s economy can be attributed, in part, to the city’s focus on infrastructure development, including the construction of bridges. Surat has transformed into a major commercial and industrial hub, attracting businesses from various sectors such as textiles, diamonds, and petrochemicals. The efficient transportation network facilitated by the bridges has played a vital role in facilitating the movement of goods and services, bolstering trade, and attracting investment to the city. Surat’s bridges have become key contributors to the city’s economic success and its stature as an entrepreneurial hotspot.

Enhanced Livability:

The increasing number of bridges in Surat has had a profound impact on the overall livability of the city. The improved connectivity has not only reduced travel time but has also enhanced accessibility to education, healthcare, and recreational facilities for the city’s residents. Surat’s bridges have opened up new avenues for exploration, fostering a sense of unity among communities and creating opportunities for cultural exchange.