Tax Solutions startup JJ Tax celebrates its 3rd anniversary

JJ TAX has helped numerous individuals and companies take control of their taxes and experience flawless financial management over the last three years.


New Delhi : JJ TAX, a Tax and Compliance Solutions Startup, is celebrating its third anniversary.JJ TAX began as a TAX App, but it rapidly expanded its offerings to include compliance and legal services.

JJ TAX has helped numerous individuals and companies take control of their taxes and experience flawless financial management over the last three years.

“We’ve been working hard to provide better solutions to all of our members and clients.”We will introduce ” FinnFitt” to commemorate our third anniversary.This will present customers with a brief report on their Financial Fitness as well as the solutions to establish financial control over their business. Individuals will also get similar reports in the future. They say that “Health is Wealth,” and we will demonstrate that it is also vice versa, since Financial Fitness provides a stress-free environment in which to develop and accomplish financial objectives. – CA Jambukeswaran is the founder.

Individuals and organisations demand dependable tools to traverse the environment efficiently as the globe continues to confront financial uncertainty and tax duties grow more complicated.

“We recently added a tax calculator and an HRA calculator to our app, providing users with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface.” “In the future, we plan to add more tools to the App for users,” said Mehak Malik, President of JJ TAX.

“We began during Covid and had a modest beginning.” Within three years, we have risen to second place in India and fourth place internationally (Source-Tracxn).JJ Tax has upended the industry and offered users with unrivalled value. We appreciate the efforts of the JJ TAX family and the support of all members who continue to motivate us to realise our Vision of becoming the Best TAX App in India. “We want to make this the #YearofJJTAX and are working hard to achieve that,” says CEO Rashi Bajpai.

JJ Tax understands the value of communicating with its consumers outside of the app. Regular social media initiatives have aided in the development of a dynamic and active community.The “Not A Robot” ad, which demonstrates the personal touch behind JJ Tax, has recently achieved enormous popularity. CAs and other experts reacted to consumer inquiries with dedication, giving personalised and dependable support.

“This human-centric approach has distinguished JJ Tax from its competitors, fostering trust and establishing long-term relationships.” JJ Tax’s expansion has been driven by innovative products. Initiatives such as the “Under The Money Plant” series have produced informative information, providing financial development and independence advice and tactics.”- Leesha Arya, COO.

Recognising the variety of its customer base, JJ Tax is pleased to provide a chat option in Hindi. Furthermore, the online version improves convenience by allowing consumers to get financial information quickly.

“Even during the Funding Winter, JJ TAX was able to raise funds and focus on revenue growth in order to break even within a short period of time after its launch.””Our focus this year is on partnerships, and we hope to be profitable by the end of the fiscal year,” says CFO Komal Kwatra.

JJ Tax has been honored with the Best Startup Award and the esteemed Best Fintech Solution Award. These recognitions reflect our commitment to delivering ground breaking solutions and setting new standards.

As we reflect on our achievements, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal users, and the entire JJ Tax team for their invaluable contributions.Together,we have created a community built on trust, innovation, and shared success.

Looking ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the financial management experience. Join us as we embark on the next chapter of our journey, where we continue to revolutionize the way you manage your finances.