Surat : Usurer Youth Arrested for Dragging Police Constable in Car

Surat police apprehend Devraj Badiya for the shocking incident under Alkapuri bridge in Katargam.


Surat : In a disturbing turn of events during a routine vehicle check drive in Surat, a harrowing incident involving a usurer youth attempting to flee from police scrutiny culminated in an attempted murder case. The accused, identified as Devraj Badiya, was seen on CCTV footage driving recklessly and dragging a police constable for over 300 meters under the Alkapuri bridge in Katargam.

The alarming sequence of events unfolded as the Katargam police were conducting vehicle checks amidst the Diwali festivities. Devraj, driving a car without a number plate, ignored the signal to stop. In a desperate attempt to evade inspection, he accelerated his vehicle, endangering the life of LRD constable Gautam Joshi, who valiantly tried to intercept the rogue driver.

Gautam Joshi, despite signaling the driver to stop, found himself on the bonnet of Devraj’s speeding car. Despite pleading with Devraj to halt, the driver callously continued driving, dragging the constable for an astonishing distance before other officers intervened.

The police quickly mobilized to pursue the reckless driver, finally managing to apprehend Devraj. Subsequent investigations revealed shocking details about the accused’s background. Devraj disclosed to the authorities that he initiated a money lending business at the tender age of sixteen with an initial capital of Rs 16,000. Furthermore, he had recently purchased a car, obliterating its number plate and replacing it with a deceptive sticker suggesting pending registration.

The Katargam police have taken swift action, lodging a case of attempted murder against Devraj. As the investigation continues, authorities are probing further into the circumstances surrounding this egregious incident.