Surat Shines as a Top Crypto Hub in India: CoinDCX Urges Safe Investment Practices

According to CoinDCX, India's largest and first FIU-registered crypto exchange, Surat has emerged as one of the top 10 cities in the country for crypto investments.


SURAT, GUJARAT : Surat, the diamond and textile capital of India, is now sparkling in a new light – cryptocurrency. According to CoinDCX, India’s largest and first FIU-registered crypto exchange, Surat has emerged as one of the top 10 cities in the country for crypto investments.

Data reveals that Surat holds a significant 1% share of the total $400 million invested in cryptocurrencies across India. This translates to roughly 15 lakh (1.5 million) individual cryptocurrency holders in the city, out of a national total of 1.5 crore (15 million).

Recognizing this growing interest, CoinDCX organized an awareness program titled “Investment Awareness Program: Promote Wealth with Next Generation Investment Opportunities and Avoid Scams.” The event aimed to educate Surat’s investors on safe and responsible cryptocurrency practices.

Anjali Kakkar, an expert from CoinDCX, addressed the program, highlighting Surat’s impressive position in the crypto investment landscape. “Our data shows that Surat is among the top 10 cities in India for cryptocurrency investments,” she said. “The city holds a 1% share of the national total investment of $400 million, and approximately 15 lakh people in Surat own cryptocurrencies.”

However, Kakkar also warned of potential scams targeting cryptocurrency investors. “Fraudsters are creating fake companies with names similar to established crypto exchanges,” she cautioned.  “CoinDCX alone has identified and taken legal action against 120 such bogus websites to protect investors from falling prey to these scams.”

The awareness program emphasized the importance of using only FIU-registered exchanges recognized by the Indian government. Kakkar also clarified the tax implications for cryptocurrency investments in India, including a 30% income tax and a 1% TDS deduction.

Looking ahead, CoinDCX co-founder Sumit Gupta believes cryptocurrencies have established themselves as a new asset class. Minal Kukral, a strategy maker at CoinDCX, further emphasized Surat’s historical embrace of new investment avenues. “Surat has always been at the forefront of adopting new investment opportunities,” she said. “Our ‘Namaste Web3. Understanding Crypto’s Fundamentals and Underlying Technology’ program aims to help investors move beyond the speculative aspects of crypto and appreciate its long-term potential.”

This initiative by CoinDCX highlights the growing importance of Surat in the Indian cryptocurrency landscape. With proper education and awareness, Surat’s investors can navigate this exciting new asset class while staying safe from potential scams.