Surat Municipal Corporation to sell ‘Tapi’ brand packaged drinking water in Surat

Over 65 million people are receiving safe drinking water from SMC


Surat : The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) will soon enter the “drinking water” and “mineral water” businesses, making it the pioneering Indian city-run utility of its kind. The corporation is working with Surat’s Sumul Dairy to promote its Tapi brand tap water.

Over 65 million people are receiving safe drinking water from SMC, which comes from the Tapi River. The city’s water treatment plants use cutting-edge technology to guarantee that residents have access to clean drinking water.

SMC’s Standing Committee Chairman Paresh Patel made the following announcement: “SMC will be the first corporation to enter into the drinking and mineral water business in Surat.” For the promotion of Tapi brand water, we have joined forces with Sumul Dairy. Although we have not yet settled on the size of the manufacturing facility, progress has been rapid.

Patel claims that Sumul Dairy will sell bottled mineral and drinking water under the ‘Tapi’ brand name. The city government has decided to provide drinking water to residents of the city using recycled plastic water bottles.

When asked about the water’s safety, Patel said, “SMC is supplying clean and safe water to the residents.” TDS levels are controlled between 100 and 250 to ensure safe drinking water.