Surat : Mobile snatcher arrested with 2.87 lakh booty


Surat :  The Surat Crime Branch has made a significant breakthrough in curbing mobile phone thefts by apprehending a mobile snatcher, Mohammad Ahmed Khan, along with the recovery of 18 stolen mobile phones and a KTM RC-200 sports bike. The total worth of the seized goods stands at a staggering Rs 2,87,000.

The arrest of Mohammad Ahmed Khan sheds light on a web of illicit activities related to mobile phone theft in the city. Khan was allegedly involved in buying stolen mobile phones from other thieves at a reduced price, subsequently selling them to undisclosed buyers at a considerable profit. He reportedly used the proceeds for his personal indulgence.

The Surat Crime Branch team, acting on specific information received, initiated surveillance on Khan, who resides near Un Patiya. When Khan’s location was pinpointed, the police promptly apprehended him. A subsequent search of his possessions led to the recovery of 18 mobile phones and two motorcycles, collectively valued at Rs 2,87,000.

Surat Crime Branch Police Inspector Lalit Wagdia stated that their investigation has unveiled Khan’s involvement in a larger network of mobile phone theft. Further inquiries into the matter are currently underway, and Khan’s arrest may lead to the identification and apprehension of other individuals engaged in similar criminal activities within the city.

Wagdia added, “Four other thieves have also been identified who are involved in snatching mobile phones in the city.” The authorities are diligently working to dismantle this network and bring those responsible to justice.