Surat : Mehndi artist Paint the Epic Tale of Ramayana on the hands of 51 women Ahead of Ram Temple Consecration


Surat : To celebrate the dedication of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, 51 women in Surat painted their hands with heena (mehndi) to portray crucial events from the Ramayana and its main characters.

Nimisha Parekh, a renowned henna artist, used the traditional Warli Art method to convert 51 women’s hands into paintings depicting 51 major events from the Ramayana. This astonishing blend of devotion and creative flare has evolved into a cultural festival, marking a watershed moment ahead of the big installation of the Ram statue in the Ayodhya Temple.

Nimisha Parekh shared her motivation for this one-of-a-kind endeavour, stating that she visited the under-construction Ram Temple complex last year and was enthralled by its grandeur, so she wanted to capture the spirit of the Ramayana using henna. “The Ramayana is a unique text of Indian culture, emphasising societal ideals, human values, and ethics.” “Our goal was to express devotion to Lord Ram and Mother Sita through the intricate medium of henna,” Parekh said.

The laborious procedure required 51 Surat women portraying important moments, from Lord Ram’s birth until his coronation as King of Ayodhya. Nimisha Parekh shared her joy, saying, “I attempted to showcase the devotion to Lord Ram and Mother Sita in my heart in the form of henna on the hands of other Lord Ram devotees.”

Warli Art, a traditional style performed by tribal groups in Maharashtra and Gujarat, took on a new dimension in this project. Nimisha emphasised the importance of Warli Art, which usually depicts images of harvests, marriage, celebrations, and childbirth. Nimisha Parekh’s blend of henna with this age-old art tradition has earned her worldwide attention.

Parekh praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the state administration for their efforts to improve tribal populations. She expressed delight in exhibiting traditional tribal traditions in a modern setting, particularly prior of the Ram Temple’s dedication.

“The goal of my programme is to teach principles of Indian culture in today’s youngsters while also cultivating a knowledge of Lord Ram’s ideas. It is also our goal to conserve and promote traditional Warli art, as well as to highlight henna not just as a form of ornamentation, but also as a sign of women’s respect, love, and happiness,” she said.