Surat : Builder Attempts Suicide, Accuses Business Associates in Viral Audio

Naresh Agrawal of Shree Kuberji Builders Alleges Mental Torture by Business Associates


Surat : Naresh Agrawal, the director of Shree Kuberji Builders, a well-known real estate company renowned for its construction of textile markets and commercial projects in Surat, attempted suicide on Friday.

Agrawal’s condition is reported to be stable after he was promptly rushed to a private hospital for medical attention. Prior to his suicide attempt, he recorded an audio message in which he named several individuals, accusing them of subjecting him to severe mental anguish and driving him to take such a drastic step.

The Blunt Times possesses a copy of the viral audio clip featuring Naresh Agrawal. It is important to note that the authenticity of the clip has not been verified independently.

In the viral audio message, Agrawal pointed fingers at individuals he claimed were responsible for his distress. He accused Rajesh Poddar, Chhagan Mewada, OR Gandhi, and Afroz Fatta of being the primary sources of his torment.

Agrawal alleged that Rajesh Poddar had deceived him in a property transaction related to the Silk Market and was now demanding financial compensation for the property located in Umarwada. Additionally, he claimed that Rajesh Poddar was pressuring him for Rs 5 crore in connection with another project in Anjana, Surat.

Afroz Fatta, a figure previously linked to a Rs 700 crore hawala racket, also found himself in Agrawal’s accusations. According to the audio message, Agrawal had borrowed Rs 10 crore at a 3% interest rate and an additional Rs 1 crore at a 5% interest rate from Afroz Fatta. Agrawal contended that he had repaid the principal amount, inclusive of the interest, but Fatta was demanding Rs 8.80 crore and subjecting him to mental torment.

In the closing moments of the audio clip, Naresh Agrawal pleaded with law enforcement agencies to hold Rajesh Poddar, Afroz Fatta, OR Gandhi, and Chhagan Mewada accountable for his life-threatening decision. He implored for stringent action against these individuals.