Surat Breaks Records on Janmashtami with Over 6,000 Vehicle Purchases

Many vehicle owners had pre-booked their rides and were determined to take delivery on this propitious day.


Surat : Janmashtami, the auspicious festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, took on new significance in Surat this year as residents shattered previous records by purchasing over 6,000 vehicles, including cars and two-wheelers. Auto dealers in the vibrant diamond city of Surat were in a whirlwind, delivering brand-new vehicles to their eager customers on the sacred Janmashtami festival.

Many vehicle owners had pre-booked their rides and were determined to take delivery on this propitious day. The auto dealers reported the sale of approximately 4,000 brand-new two-wheelers and around 2,000 cars. Notably, 40% of the cars purchased were in the SUV category, while the remaining 60% featured auto-gear transmissions.

Auto showrooms across the city bustled with enthusiastic customers, forming long lines outside the dealerships to take delivery on this auspicious occasion. Special prayers and poojas were performed at the showrooms to bless the new vehicles and their owners.

In an interesting twist, sources within the auto sector revealed that approximately 10% of the 6,000 vehicles sold on Janmashtami were electric vehicles (EVs). Surat, it appears, is embracing the EV trend, with around 600 electric vehicles purchased on the festival day alone. The city has rapidly earned a reputation as India’s fastest-growing hub for EV adoption.

The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has played a pivotal role in this transformation by installing about 50 EV charging stations across the city, making EVs more accessible and convenient for residents.

Amish Mali, CEO of Skoda Stellar, commented on the phenomenon, saying, “We received bookings a month prior to the Janmashtami festival. People consider Janmashtami ‘Subh’ (pious) and prefer to purchase new things, particularly vehicles, on this day. Over 2,000 cars have been sold on the Janmashtami festival in Surat.”

“As the trend of purchasing vehicles on auspicious occasions gains momentum in Surat, it is evident that the city’s love for automobiles and the shift towards electric vehicles are on a remarkable ascent”’ said a transport officer.