Sunil Gavaskar has become Midwicket Stories Principal Advisor

The unusual project was announced by its founders, Nishant Dayal, Founder of Midwicket Stories, and Jaya Prasad, Co-Founder of Midwicket Stories, while welcome Sunil Gavaskar as the Principal Advisor.


Mumbai : Sunil Gavaskar, a legend in the sport of cricket, was recently introduced as Midwicket Stories’ new Principal Advisor. It was also revealed that the first Midwicket Stories – India leg, which would include Legends of the game, will take place on November 1, 2023, during the ICC World Cup.

In a heady blend of fun and emotion, Midwicket Stories provides a one-of-a-kind platform for cricketing icons to enthral audiences by sharing their incredible experiences, on and off the pitch.

The unusual project was announced by its founders, Nishant Dayal, Founder of Midwicket Stories, and Jaya Prasad, Co-Founder of Midwicket Stories, while welcome Sunil Gavaskar as the Principal Advisor. Windies Superstar, ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle, and ‘Turbanator’ Harbhajan Singh have been confirmed by Nishant Dayal and Jaya Prasad as the guests for the first leg of the event in India, which will take place in Mumbai before the World Cup match between hosts India and Sri Lanka.

“I am humbled to be a part of this novel initiative that provides a platform for cricketing legends to share their experiences on a global stage,” said Sunil Gavaskar, former Indian captain and new Principal Advisor for Midwicket Stories. Unlike now, when fans can find out everything about their favourite players at any moment, in the past, fans seldom got to know about the successes and dialogues that went place in the closeted hallways of the game owing to constraints in communications and social media. This is a fantastic platform for my coworkers to express themselves, perform in front of a live audience, and recall past experiences. Meeting Gayle and Harbhajan will be a pleasure. There will be action-packed tales from Gayle, and insightful commentary from Harbhajan on all things cricket.

Nishant Dayal, founder of Midwicket Stories, elaborated on the idea as follows: “Our objective is to offer an edge-of-your-seat chance to aficionados of cricket (such as myself) to engage, meet, and get near up and personal with their favourite sportsmen. Obviously, this is something that money can’t purchase after you’ve lived it. Imagine for a second that you are there at a pivotal moment in history, right in the middle of the dialogue as it unfolds. Midwicket Stories aspires to be the greatest of its kind by offering exciting tales of cricketing boldness. These inspiring tales are meant to give listeners a taste of what the master storytellers themselves have felt and experienced. Our expertise and understanding would be much enriched by Sunil Gavaskar’s participation in Midwicket Stories.

While eating with the legends as they weave their webs of cricketing and non-cricketing glory, fans will have the opportunity to connect with them and share their own stories, as noted by Jaya Prasad, Co-Founder of Midwicket Stories. Bringing the legends closer to the audience is a primary goal for Midwicket Stories. It will aim to provide everyone a once-in-a-lifetime experience that only a handful will remember fondly in the future.

When the series between India and the West Indies was being played in Dubai earlier this year, Caribbean icon Viv Richards said, “Sunny Gavaskar is the Godfather of Indian batsmanship.”

Since its debut in Sydney in November 2022, which included Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border’s talk, Midwicket Stories has gone from strength to strength, with its most recent success coming from the second innings between cricketing icon Sunil Gavaskar and the unforgettable Vivian Richards in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Several one-of-a-kind alliances are in the works that will carry on the legacy long after I leave India.

This event, which has already had two successful outings in Sydney, Australia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, creates a tangled web of tales, with participants discussing different aspects of the game.

Midwicket Stories is a sincere project since a portion of the earnings go to the Dr. Dayal Foundation (DDF), which funds heart surgery for children in India. Gavaskar has been single-handedly funding around 35 procedures annually for the last four years.