Stakeindia’s Share Market Training Institute Increases Financial Literacy In India

The initiative helps young graduates, experienced professionals, and housewives to get well-versed in stock trading and investment


New Delhi : Trading and investing in stocks can be both exhilarating and terrifying. The stock market has a reputation for frivolous gambling and high-stakes deals in India. Due to inexperienced market participants, the public’s conception of stock trading in the country is hazy.

Stakeindia is India’s first and only dedicated share market training institute, with the goal of reducing the prevalence of financial illiteracy in the population. Stakeindia functions similarly to a traditional school in that it equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to enter and succeed in the stock market.

After ten years of working in the stock market, Nikhil Gaware and Sachin Sonavane started the institute in Nashik in 2017 with the goal of improving the local community’s understanding of personal finance. Based on the level of detail and skill that students require, Stakeindia provides either a Standard Course or a Premium Course. Professional trainers with years of experience in the field are behind these classes.

Stakeindia’s Standard Course offers a comprehensive introduction to the Indian stock market. The team developed this curriculum to assist those with minimal financial literacy in gaining the knowledge and confidence to enter the stock market and thrive within its standards. Nikhil and Sachin believe that this training would provide budding stock traders with a firm grounding from which to increase their financial literacy and overcome obstacles.

Students who have already taken the Stakeindia Basic Course and are ready to advance to the next level should enrol in the Premium Course. This course covers everything from advanced technical analysis to live trading, transforming novice investors into savvy pros. Stakeindia provides students with the tools they need to launch successful careers in the stock market and is ISO certified to boot.

No matter what major a student pursues, they will find that Stakeindia is an ideal place to develop their abilities. The courses were developed by professionals with extensive expertise in the financial field and include instruction on the emotional and mental components of trading and investing to help students avoid making rash choices.

Anyone of any age or professional background can enlist at Stakeindia. Since its founding, the stock market training school has educated well over 2,000 individuals, ranging from recent college grads to seasoned business executives. Experts have also taught stay-at-home moms how to trade stocks and make smart investments to supplement their income.

Stakeindia not only instructs their customers in stock trading, but also helps them plan their finances. The company’s experts in the field advise clients on how to best manage their investments and increase their returns. With Stakeindia’s help, clients may rest assured that their portfolios are being managed in a way that best serves their current and future financial goals. Customers are also helped in opening a Demat account for efficient trading by the specialists.

Indian stock market is highly dynamic and it is important for the players to know this before venturing into the sector. Considering this need for transparency, Nikhil Gaware claims that Stakeindia prepares its clients for the hurdles while making attempts to reap profits. He says, “To provide wholesome stock market training, it is important for the students to know both sides of the coin. Deliberately hiding the risks involved in stock trading and taking advantage of people’s greed is highly unethical. At Stakeindia, we follow a 100% transparent approach while training our clients, informing them what they stand to gain and lose upon entering the dynamic world of the Indian stock market!”