Sovereign Prince of Kreva & President of Koreiva- Imperial & Royal House, Vinius, Lithuania bestow Nobel Title of “Sir” & Rank of “Knight” to Dr.Dinesh Sabnis of India



Sir Dinesh
Dr.Sabnis of India was honored with Noble Title of “Sir” & Rank of “Knight” on 31st October 2022 by World Peace Knights Order of World Peace Empire situated in Vinius, Lithuania. This honor was bestowed by Sovereign Prince of Kreva & President of Koreiva- Imperial & Royal House HI & RM Juozas Koreiva. On this auspicious occasion Dr.Sabnis was handed over with certificate, medal & special breast badge by Excellency.

The Imperial and Royal Houses of Koreiva have a deep history and traditions. Written documents confirm that Koreiva was the king of the ancient Baltic sovereign prince. The kings of Koreiva ruled vast territories of the ancient Baltics. The legal heir of the title, the Sovereign Duke (Prince) of Krėva Juozas Koreiva, has all the rights of the Fount of Honor. In addition, HI&RH Juozas Koreiva was crowned Emperor of the World Peace Empire, taking over all duties, responsibilities and rights related to it. Prince Juozas Koreiva associates a lot of genetic ties with the nobles of Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, and Scandinavia and with the other European Royal Houses.

The Imperial and Royal House of Koreiva has dynastic orders that are granted according to their constitutions. The honor awarded by the Imperial and Royal House of Koreiva is in line with the principles of the Fount of Honor.

This Nobel Title was granted to Dr. Dinesh Sabnis for his sincere efforts towards projects related to Education, Peace & Diplomacy. Dr.Sabnis is Senior Educationist, Sports Mentor & Author and has completed his doctorate in Physical Education & Education Administration and has done his Masters in topics such as Physical Education, Diplomacy & International Relations. He also has special appointment of Envoy for Far East in International Society of Diplomats and for past seven years has also been involved in various Humanitarian projects related to International NGOs & IGOs that are on the roster of United Nations in ECOSOC.

In recent time Dr.Sabnis has been appointed to represent as Addl. Representative in UN Geneva for World Fund for Development & Planning- WFDP which is Intergovernmental Organization and has a Multilateral Agreement with various governments and have been granted United Nations Special Consultative Roster Status in year 2021.

Dr.Dinesh Sabnis have also already bestowed with Commemorative Peace Medals and UN NGO Grand Cross for his commendable work in society from various International NGOs that are representing United Nations as General Consultative Status Roster Organisations.