Sleeping pods are becoming popular with travellers at airports in Ahmedabad and Mumbai



Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India]: Lina Bhattacharya, a Kolkata-based entrepreneur is a frequent flyer. She caught an early morning flight to Ahmedabad and had a few hours to kill before her meeting. Unlike other airports, Lina thought she may not get a cozy place to take a nap, but to her surprise, she came across the sleeping pods by Urban Naps at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPIA). The sleeping pod was far more affordable than spending a lot of money on a hotel room for just a few hours.

Lina is not an isolated case. More and more domestic and international travelers at the SVPIA are using the sleeping pods’ facility by Urban Naps. With the sleeping pods proving popular among travelers, SVPIA has introduced JPOD—a pod hotel that is clean, spare, and perfect for business travelers who don’t want to stray too far from the airport for a hotel room.

“Situated near the arrival gate at the T1 terminal, the hotel has 12 fully operational sleeping pods,” an SVPIA spokesperson explained. “The introduction of these pods will certainly attract more footfall,” said the SVPIA spokesperson. “Each sleeping pod can accommodate an adult and a child and is equipped with lockers to store luggage and jackets. “We have been getting a very positive response so far,” t

The passengers can book pods at affordable hourly rates. The pods also offer keyless entry, an LED screen with WiFi and mirroring, a pillow and mattress, air-conditioning, a desk, and headphones—everything a traveler might need either to work or to relax for a few hours. The happy passengers have expressed their wish to the SVPIA management for introducing compact space for showers as well.

sleeping pods

Apart from SVPIA, sleeping pods are available at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport Mumbai (CSMIA) which also recently opened its second capsule hotel.

“In the Avisery Lounge in Terminal 2,” a CSMIA spokesperson said, “premium services include showering facilities and an opportunity to have your clothes steam pressed, as well as food and beverages, WiFi, individual charging points, and shades that can be used to either fully or partially block out light and sound from the rest of the airport.”

Indian Railways to has got in on the act, launching its first pod hotel at Mumbai Central station last year. They recently launched another pod hotel, as well.

Since the easing of several pandemic-induced restrictions, the number of people traveling both domestically and internationally is on the rise. As a result, the pods are becoming hugely sought after.

Meghna Sharma, a Mumbai-based content creator who often travels solo says she has “twice been on the receiving end of flight delays and cancellations. Looking for last-minute accommodation becomes expensive for budget travelers like me. But pod hotels have been a great option, especially for women traveling alone as they are safe, close to the airport or station, and come with modern amenities.” They’re also relatively cheap, “making them the ideal option for short layovers or an overnight stay” adds Sharma.

Hyderabad-based Himanshi Nag, 27, who, like Sharma, often travels by herself for work, believes that safety is pivotal to the popularity of pods. “Recently I tried the Urban Naps pods at SVPIA, and it is the most convenient and safe option for a quick nap during short layovers.”