Shailesh Patel’s Murder Exposes Gujarat’s Deteriorating Law and Order: Is the BJP Government to Blame?

The incompetence of the Valsad police in dealing with the case has only added to the distress and anger of the people


Surat : The news of the vice president of BJP, Shailesh Patel’s brutal murder has sent shockwaves across the country. The incident, which occurred in broad daylight in the bustling town of Vapi, Gujarat, is yet another reminder of the alarming rise in lawlessness and criminality in the state, which has been ruled by the BJP for the last 25 years.

The incompetence of the Valsad police in dealing with the case has only added to the distress and anger of the people. Instead of taking swift and decisive action to apprehend the culprits, the police have been dragging their feet and engaging in a blame game, pointing fingers at each other and offering empty assurances to the public.

This is not the first time that the law and order situation in Gujarat has come under scrutiny. The state has been plagued by a series of high-profile crimes in recent years, including the infamous Godhra train burning incident, the fake encounter killings, and the riots that followed the murder of a Muslim family in 2002.

Despite the BJP’s claims of being tough on crime and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens, the ground reality paints a different picture altogether. The state has become a breeding ground for criminal elements and mafia groups, who operate with impunity and fearlessly flaunt their power and influence.

The BJP government’s failure to tackle this menace has not only led to a breakdown of law and order but has also eroded people’s faith in the justice system. The rising crime rate and the lack of accountability and transparency have created a sense of fear and insecurity among the citizens, who feel that they are at the mercy of the criminals.

The murder of Shailesh Patel is a clear example of this breakdown of law and order. The fact that he was shot dead in broad daylight, in a busy market area, highlights the audacity and brazenness of the criminals. It also exposes the failure of the police and the administration in providing even basic security to a high-profile political figure.

The Valsad police’s inability to make any headway in the case only adds to the suspicion that they are either incompetent or compromised. The fact that the BJP has been in power in the state for the last 25 years and yet such a heinous crime could take place without any fear of retribution, raises serious questions about the party’s commitment to maintaining law and order.

The BJP, which came to power in Gujarat on the plank of development and good governance, seems to have lost its way. Its focus has shifted from the welfare of the people to protecting the interests of the party and its leaders. The state has become a fiefdom of a few powerful individuals, who call the shots and decide who gets what.

The murder of Shailesh Patel should serve as a wake-up call for the BJP government in Gujarat. It is high time that the party takes serious note of the deteriorating law and order situation in the state and takes corrective action to restore people’s faith in the justice system.

The first step towards this would be to overhaul the police system and make it more accountable and transparent. The police should be given more autonomy and freedom to act without fear or favor. The recruitment process should be streamlined to ensure that only the best and the brightest join the force.

The second step would be to strengthen the judiciary and make it more independent and impartial. The appointment of judges should be made on merit and not on political considerations. The judiciary should be given more resources and manpower to deal with the rising number of cases.

The third step would be to create more job opportunities and improve the standard of living of the people. Unemployment and poverty are major factors that contribute to the rise of crime. By providing better education and healthcare facilities and promoting entrepreneurship, the government can create a conducive environment for growth and development.