Sarine launches Meteorite™ Plus for planning rough diamonds below 40 points



Meteorite Plus
Hod Hasharon (Israel) : Sarine Technologies Limited has announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind revolutionary model of the Galaxy® systems—The Meteorite™ Plus for the high-accuracy planning of small rough diamonds below 40 points.

The Meteorite™ Plus system embodies a completely innovative solution to the need to enable cost-effective high-speed and high-accuracy scanning for optimised planning of small rough diamonds, so that maximal value is ensured.

The value proposition of the Meteorite™ Plus has been extensively improved by significantly reducing the cost of ownership. This has been achieved by two substantial breakthroughs – 50% higher productivity and the implementation of enhanced automation so that a single operator can now control and run up to five systems simultaneously.

All this has been made possible by the development of completely new and advanced algorithms implemented by Sarine’s leading specialists – mathematicans, system engineers and software developers. The new system’s sweeping innovations replace significant heretofore manual processes with automatic solutions – yet another example of how advanced technology results in substantial efficiency progress. 

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, said “We are thrilled to release the Meteorite™ Plus model, which is a major development for the segment of rough stones 40 points and below.”

“We are delighted that we have succeeded in drastically reducing the cost of ownership while maintaining the highest level of accuracy. Sarine has always been committed to the ongoing evolution of its products, thus adding significant value to our customers, and I am proud we have been able to achieve this latest breakthrough.”

”We are witnessing substantial interest from the market and have already received orders with customers waiting for the systems imminent deliveries. We believe that this new development is a significant step in our ongoing fight against piracy and copyright infringements, as we have been able to demonstrate that the Meteorite™ Plus, especially when integrated with our most-advanced Advisor® 8 planning software, impels our combined solution’s value proposition to new levels. This alone changes our customers’ profitability calculations once again, lessening our less-than-legitimate competition’s appeal.”

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