Rajkot Gamezone fire : Gujarat Government under fire for the death of 28  people

The Gujarat Government and Rajkot district administration are facing intense scrutiny following the tragic fire at the Rajkot TRP Gamezone on Saturday evening,


RAJKOT, GUJARAT : The Gujarat Government and Rajkot district administration are facing intense scrutiny following the tragic fire at the Rajkot TRP Gamezone on Saturday evening, which resulted in the deaths of 28 people, predominantly children. The Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) and the police department are under pressure from both the media and the public regarding the issuance and renewal of licenses and the lack of proper fire safety certifications for the gamezone.

The Rajkot Police Department had issued an operating license for the TRP Gamezone located on Kalavad Road and renewed it as recently as January 1, 2024. However, glaring lapses in safety protocols have come to light, raising serious questions about the oversight and due diligence of the authorities involved. During a press conference on Sunday, Rajkot Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava was seen walking away with folded hands, unable to address the barrage of questions from concerned reporters and citizens.

A big incident has happened in Rajkot, in the middle of which MLA Ramesh Tilala reached among the people, and in the conversation with the media there was a smile on his face. He was spotting smiling when the media persons posed serious questions on him.

In the aftermath of the fire, identifying the victims has become a daunting task. The severity of the blaze left many bodies charred beyond recognition, making DNA testing the only viable method for identification. Relatives of the missing flocked to Rajkot Civil Hospital to provide DNA samples, which were subsequently transported by air ambulance to Gandhinagar for laboratory testing.

Public outrage is mounting against the Gujarat government due to the lack of specific regulations for gamezones across the state. Numerous similar establishments have sprung up in various cities, including Surat, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad, often operating without stringent safety checks. The tragedy at Rajkot has highlighted the urgent need for regulatory reforms to prevent such incidents in the future.

The fire has also led to a wave of missing person reports, with 31 complaints filed so far. Many of the deceased were visitors from nearby districts in Saurashtra, who had come to Rajkot to enjoy the weekend at the gamezone. The devastating loss of life has left families in a state of despair, searching for their loved ones amidst the chaos.

The scenes at Rajkot Civil Hospital were harrowing. Charred bodies were brought in one after another, with distraught family members desperately seeking information about their missing relatives. The hospital’s register, listing the names of the deceased, grew longer with each passing hour, predominantly filled with the names of minors. The tragic sight of parents and siblings combing through the register, hoping against hope, underscored the profound human toll of the disaster.

The fire not only extinguished the lives of 28 individuals but also shattered the dreams of countless families. The cries of those who had gone to the gamezone for a day of fun and leisure were replaced by the wails of grief-stricken relatives. Amidst the chaos and sorrow, the quest to identify the victims continues, with DNA testing providing the only glimmer of hope for closure.

As the community mourns, the Gujarat government is under immense pressure to take decisive action. The tragedy has exposed significant gaps in the regulation and oversight of entertainment venues, and there are calls for immediate reforms to ensure such a disaster never happens again. The Rajkot TRP Gamezone fire has left a lasting scar on the city, serving as a grim reminder of the critical importance of safety and vigilance.