Rajkot Gamezone Fire : Death Toll Rises to 33; Petrol and Diesel Stockpile Blamed for Intensity

The fire, which erupted at the TRP Gamezone on Nana Mawa Road, sent plumes of smoke visible from 2 to 3 kilometers away and resulted in the complete collapse of the Gamezone structure


RAJKOT, GUJARAT : The death toll in the catastrophic fire at the Rajkot TRP Gamezone at Kalavad Road has climbed to 33, with the potential for further increases. Heartbreakingly, many of the victims were children, casting a somber shadow over the community. More t an 300 people including kids were present at the gamezone when the incident occured.

Investigations by the fire department have uncovered a crucial and alarming detail: a substantial stockpile of petrol and diesel stored within the game zone. This hazardous storage significantly fueled the fire, leading to its devastatingly rapid spread and intensity.

According to official reports, the gamezone had amassed around 2000 liters of diesel and 1500 liters of petrol. This massive quantity was intended for use in various rides, including racing cars. The presence of these highly flammable substances in such large volumes created a death trap, exacerbating the ferocity of the blaze and making escape nearly impossible for those inside.

The tragic incident occurred on Saturday, when the game zone offered free entry to visitors for just 99 rupees, a promotion that attracted a significant number of families and children. This offer, meant to boost attendance, instead resulted in a crowded and chaotic scene during the fire, complicating rescue efforts and increasing the casualty count.

The aftermath of the fire has unfolded into a heartbreaking scene at the Rajkot Civil Hospital, where the bodies of the deceased have been brought. Many of the victims were burned beyond recognition, necessitating DNA tests to identify them. The hospital’s post-mortem room is overwhelmed, with bodies having to be placed outside due to lack of space. Distraught families are gathered outside, waiting in anguish for news and the release of their loved ones’ remains.

Witnesses described scenes of chaos and horror as the fire engulfed the game zone. Emergency services were called to the scene, but the intensity of the fire, fueled by the petrol and diesel, made it a formidable challenge to control. Firefighters battled the blaze for hours before it was finally subdued, but by then, the damage was irrevocable.

Local authorities are now investigating how such a large quantity of flammable materials was permitted to be stored within the game zone, which should have adhered to strict safety regulations. This tragic event has highlighted significant lapses in safety protocols and regulatory oversight. The Rajkot Municipal Corporation has vowed to conduct a thorough review and enforce stricter compliance measures to prevent such disasters in the future.

In response to the devastating fire at the Rajkot TRP Gamezone, the Gujarat government has announced a comprehensive assistance package. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has expressed deep grief over the incident, which has claimed the lives of 33 people so far, most of whom were children. The Chief Minister’s office has pledged support to the victims’ families and promised a thorough investigation into the tragedy.

The fire, which erupted at the TRP Gamezone on Nana Mawa Road, sent plumes of smoke visible from 2 to 3 kilometers away and resulted in the complete collapse of the Gamezone structure. Emergency services were immediately dispatched, but the intensity of the blaze made rescue operations extremely challenging.

In a swift response, the Rajkot Crime Branch has detained 10 individuals in connection with the incident. Among those detained are the owner of the Gamezone, Yuvraj Singh Solanki, and two managers, Yagnesh Pathak and Nitin Jain. The detentions were carried out by the Rajkot city Special Operations Group (SOG) police, who are actively investigating the causes and circumstances surrounding the fire. The police are also compiling a list of missing persons, aiming to account for all individuals who were present at the time of the fire. Preliminary estimates suggest that 35 to 40 people were working in the Gamezone when the fire broke out.

Initial police inquiries indicate that welding work being conducted on a shed within the Gamezone may have triggered the fire. Sparks from the welding operation are suspected to have ignited the blaze, which was then exacerbated by the presence of large quantities of petrol and diesel stored on-site. This hazardous storage significantly fueled the fire, causing it to spread rapidly and fiercely.

The police have been tasked with submitting a comprehensive report on the incident within 10 days. This report will include detailed findings from the ongoing investigation, which aims to determine the exact cause of the fire and identify any regulatory or safety violations that contributed to the tragedy.

The Gujarat government has also announced that they will be providing financial aid and support services to the families of the victims. This includes immediate financial assistance and longer-term support to help them cope with the aftermath of the disaster. Additionally, the government has assured the public that stringent measures will be implemented to prevent such incidents in the future, including stricter enforcement of safety regulations in public entertainment venues.