Rajkot Game Zone Fire : Residents Question BJP Leader Parshottam Rupala’s Absence 

Rupala, who recently contested the Lok Sabha election for the Rajkot seat and awaits the results, has been notably absent after Rajkot Game Zone fire


RAJKOT,GUJARAT : Questions have been raised by both the media and the people of Rajkot regarding the conspicuous absence of BJP leader Parshottam Rupala in the aftermath of the TRP game zone fire incident, which resulted in the tragic deaths of over 27 individuals. The fire, which consumed the lives of innocent people, has left the community reeling and looking for answers.

Rupala, who recently contested the Lok Sabha election for the Rajkot seat and awaits the results, has been notably absent from the site of the tragedy. While he posted a few tweets and a Facebook update about the incident, and gave a brief TV interview at the BJP office, his physical presence has been limited.

In his social media posts, Rupala mentioned that he had discussed the matter with the district collector but did not visit the site of the fire, unlike Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghavi, who made immediate visits. Rupala visited Rajkot on Tuesday, after 54 hours of the fire inferno.

Reports suggest that Rupala was occupied with election duties in other states, including West Bengal, at the time of the incident. This has led to significant criticism from the local community and political observers, who expected a more active response from the leader, especially given the gravity of the situation.

On Tuesday, Rupala did visit the Civil Hospital in Rajkot. Addressing the media, he stated, “I came here to take stock of the situation regarding the DNA reports. I had discussions with the responsible officer, and according to that information, 17 DNA reports have come back. Twenty-seven bodies were found, of which the DNA of 17 bodies have matched, and the results of 10 are still pending.”

When questioned about his delayed physical presence, Rupala explained, “Since 8 am on the second day, I have been here. It’s true that I did not go to the accident site because I believed that my presence might hinder the process. However, I was here and in constant touch with the officers and the administration.”

Rupala’s absence has been particularly noted in light of his recent controversial “Raja Maharaja Roti Beti” remark, which sparked agitation from the Kshatriya community and led the BJP to refrain from fielding him for campaigns outside Rajkot during the Lok Sabha election in Gujarat. This controversy has cast a shadow over his political activities and presence in the region.

Rupala, who hails from Amreli, has represented Rajkot in various capacities over the years, including multiple terms as a Rajya Sabha member. His connection to Rajkot is further cemented by Gujarat BJP’s undeclared caste quota system, which regularly allocates the Rajkot seat to Kadva Patel candidates, a community to which Rupala belongs.