Railway Board Member Inspects Surat Station, Reviews Infrastructure Projects

This high-level visit by Khandelwal underscores the Railway Board's dedication to enhancing railway infrastructure in Surat


Surat : Anil Kumar Khandelwal, Member (Infrastructure) for the Railway Board, conducted a comprehensive inspection of Surat railway station during a visit to the city on Wednesday. This visit aimed to assess passenger amenities, station upkeep, and the progress of ongoing infrastructure projects in Surat.

Khandelwal’s inspection began with a thorough review of all platforms at Surat station. He examined passenger amenities, ensuring their functionality and adherence to maintenance standards. Following the station inspection, Khandelwal transitioned to a project review session, focusing on various ongoing infrastructure initiatives within Surat.

A key project under scrutiny was the redevelopment of Surat railway station. Khandelwal didn’t just review progress; he took a firsthand look by visiting the construction site. Recognizing the project’s importance, he emphasized the need for expedited completion within the established timeframe. He directed the concerned authorities to take necessary actions to ensure timely project delivery.

Khandelwal’s commitment to infrastructure development extended beyond the station.  He also visited Hazira Port to assess the progress of ongoing work there. This highlights the Railway Board’s focus on comprehensive infrastructure improvement across the region.

During his visit, Khandelwal was accompanied by a distinguished group of railway officials. Parmeshwar Funkwal, Principal Chief Engineer of Western Railway (WR), Shri Vineet Gupta, Chief Administrative Officer (Construction) WR, and Niraj Verma, Divisional Railway Manager of Mumbai Central Division, were all present. Additionally, Manoj Garg, Member Project from Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA), Tushar Mishra, CEO of SITCO (Surat Integrated Textile Park Company Limited), and other senior railway officials from the Railway Board, headquarters, and the division joined the inspection.

This high-level visit by Khandelwal underscores the Railway Board’s dedication to enhancing railway infrastructure in Surat. The inspection of passenger amenities, station upkeep, and ongoing projects signifies a commitment to improving the travel experience for passengers while ensuring the timely completion of crucial infrastructure initiatives.