Rahul Gandhi praises Bhavnagar king for donating his state for the country

Rahul Gandhi's praise for the Bhavnagar king was intended at PM Modi, who slammed him for insulting the Hindu kings and keeping mum on the atrocities committed by the Muslim leaders like Aurangzeb


Ahmedabad : During his two day visit to Gujarat, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi address two public rallies in the union territory of Daman and at Patan in Gujarat.

At the Patan rally on Monday, Rahul Gandhi praised the king of Bhavnagar for donating his state after the Independence of India. “I have high regards for the Maharaja of Bhavnagar for donating everything for this country. He donated his state for the country. I remember him and respect him”

Gandhi’s praise of the Bhavnagar king was intended at PM Modi, who slammed him for insulting the Hindu kings and keeping mum on the atrocities committed by the Muslim leaders like Aurangzeb.

During his first rally in Daman on Sunday, Gandhi launched scathing criticisms against Praful Patel, the administrator of Dadra and Nagar Haveli (DNH), Daman, and Diu, vowing immediate action upon Congress coming to power at the Centre. Accusing Patel of corruption and authoritarianism akin to Narendra Modi, Gandhi declared that Patel would be removed from his position within two minutes of the Congress government’s formation.

“Congress will ensure Praful Patel faces inquiry,” declared Gandhi, addressing a crowd gathered in support of Congress candidate Ketan Patel. Charging Patel with mismanagement leading to job losses and a reign of fear in the union territory, Gandhi rallied the crowd, urging them to join in removing Patel from his post.

Furthermore, Gandhi took aim at the political landscape, targeting Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah, alleging undue privilege and comparing him unfavorably to cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar. “Amit Shah’s son is a unique personality, he has never played cricket and still holds the post fit for Tendulkar” said Gandhi.

Drawing parallels between historical monarchy and current governance, Gandhi likened Patel to a modern-day king, appointed from Delhi to rule with impunity, resulting in the alleged harassment of the populace and destruction of homes.

Expanding his critique to the national level, Gandhi accused the Modi government of consolidating power, asserting control over key institutions such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Enforcement Directorate (ED), and the judiciary. He also alleged undue influence in educational institutions, lamenting the sway of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) affiliates in universities.

Forewarning of potential corporate dominance, Gandhi painted a bleak picture of a future where landmarks in Daman, Diu and DNH would bear the names of corporate giants like Adani and Ambani. Promising a paradigm shift in economic policy, Gandhi outlined Congress’ pledge to deposit Rs 1 lakh in the bank accounts of women, with monthly installments of Rs 8,500 aimed at uplifting the economically disenfranchised.

At Patan in Gujarat, Gandhi said, “PM Modi made a few people billionaires; we want to make the poor ‘Lakhpatis,'”, rallying support for Congress’ vision of inclusive prosperity.

“The Narendra Modi government has opened the doors of the banks for the few billionaries. IF we are voted to power, we will open the doors for the small traders and businessmen, especially from the textile and diamond sectors, to get bank loans” said Gandhi.

Rahulk Gandhi talked about the Mahalaxmi Yojana where Rs 1 lakh will be deposited in the bank accounts of the women from the families of the poor, labourers and farmers, middle-class and unemployed youths. Pehli Naukri Pakki scheme for the youth where they will get apprenticeship for one year in private and public institutions, scrapping of the Agniveer scheme and launching simplified GST scheme.