Priyanka Gandhi refers PM Modi as ‘Gyani Uncle at Valsad rally in Gujarat

Gandhi inquired about the public's opinion on 'Gyani Uncle' during a public meeting, asking, "What are your thoughts on this Gyani Uncle..."Indeed, this is referred to as 'Umaar Ka Takaza'."


Valsad : During her first public meeting in Valsad, Gujarat on Saturday, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘Gyani Uncle’.

Strongly criticising his false claims about the Congress conducting house searches with x-ray machines and confiscating gold jewellery and Mangalsutras, Priyanka Gandhi expressed her disbelief at the high-ranking individual’s nonsensical statements. His (Modi’s) statements are filled with absurdity, as if he expects people to blindly accept them as the ultimate truth. We have been in power for 55 years. Can any government actually enforce a scheme where an x-ray machine scans the amount of jewellery in your house and forcibly takes it away from you? Can it be done?”

Gandhi likened PM Modi to a ‘uncle’ at wedding gatherings, where he holds his own court and imparts wisdom to the people. She inquired, “Do you trust this Gyani Uncle and his ‘Bakwas’?” Can we trust the information shared by this uncle on the public platform? Is he the Prime Minister of this country?”

Gandhi inquired about the public’s opinion on ‘Gyani Uncle’ during a public meeting, asking, “What are your thoughts on this Gyani Uncle…”Indeed, this is referred to as ‘Umaar Ka Takaza’.”

Gandhi states that while Congress governments have implemented the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) in their respective states, it has not been implemented in the BJP-ruled states. Where is the pension money being allocated or invested? Is it being directed to specific areas or held in certain accounts?

Gandhi discussed the challenges faced by farmers, tribals, dalits, women, and the youth of India, who are experiencing oppression in various aspects of their lives. There seems to be a lack of empowerment for women. Consider the case of Hathras and the women wrestlers who endured sexual harassment from the BJP MP.

“Modi invites women wrestlers for tea to celebrate their Olympic medal victory, but when they protested against sexual harassment, Gandhi claims that Modi is ignoring their concerns,” Gandhi stated. The PM is instructing people to take 5 kg of ration and remain silent. According to him (PM), only Ambani and Adani are given preferential treatment. It is up to you to determine the future of your sons and daughters.

Modi’s actions are undermining the strength of democracy and targeting the opposition. He is accusing us of being corrupt and claiming that only Modi is honest and virtuous. Modi has amassed a substantial sum of money and possesses immense power, an extensive media network, and vast wealth. However, we are advocating for ‘Infinite Truth, Infinite Justice, and Infinite Democracy’.He is the first PM in the history of Independent India who is not always truthful and has been accused of dishonesty. It is disappointing that he lacks compassion and honesty when addressing the public. The PM has turned this election into a mockery. Avoid casting your vote for Gyani Uncle. Gandhi emphasised the importance of supporting women, youth, education, healthcare, jobs, farmers, and preserving democracy through your vote.