PM Modi Challenges Congress on Reservation and Warns Against Fake Propaganda

PM Modi declared, “I challenge the Shehzada and the Congress party that they should give a guarantee in writing to the people of India that they will not give reservation on the basis of religion


BANASKANTHA, GUJARAT : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued a stern challenge to the Congress party, demanding a written assurance that they will not manipulate reservation policies based on religion and will safeguard the existing reservation for SC/ST, OBC, and economically disadvantaged individuals from the general caste. Addressing his maiden public rally in Gujarat from Banaskantha, PM Modi asserted the imperative of protecting the constitutional provisions laid down by Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

In his address, PM Modi declared, “I challenge the Shehzada and the Congress party that they should give a guarantee in writing to the people of India that they will not give reservation on the basis of religion and will not snatch away the reservation given under the constitution by Baba Saheb Ambedkar to the SC/ST, OBC, and poors of the general caste. I bet, that the Congress will not give this guarantee, because they want to misuse and snatch away the reservation of dalit, adivasi, OBC for their own vote bank (Muslims).”

Reflecting on past electoral tactics employed by the Congress, PM Modi recalled, “In 2014, Congress fought on the issue of ‘Chaiwala’. They used to say, ‘Yeh Gujju Kya Karega, Dal-Bhat Khau Kya Karega. In Congress public meetings, they introduced a chaiwala character and used to tell the people that look ‘Modi has come’. But India gave them a befitting reply, and they were reduced from 400 to 40.”

PM Modi continued his critique, stating, “In 2019, Congress fought elections on issues like ‘Chokidar Chor Hai’, ‘Khoon Ki Dalali’, Rafael Khilona, and the Congress Shehzada called Modi samaj ‘Chor’. Again they (Congress) were destroyed. Now, in 2024, they are moving with the book of constitution in their hands at the public rallies. They are doing false propaganda, they say Modi has no family, Modi Ka Sar Phodenge, and Jail me Dalenge. This time they will be finished.”

Addressing the issue of fake videos, PM Modi warned, “Their Mohabbat Ki Dukan is working as a fake factory. They (Congress) are spreading fake videos to influence the voters in India. Congress Ke Video Fake, Congress Ke Naare Fake, aur Congress Ki Niyat Fake. Stop this game of spreading fake videos, or else you will be punished heavily by the people of this country.”

In a firm stance against the politicization of reservation policies, PM Modi reiterated, “I had the power of 400 seats in the Parliament to change the constitution, but I am not born to do this sin. This constitution is given to us by Baba Saheb Ambedkar, and it is our duty to preserve it. Until Modi is alive, I will not allow you to play the game of reservation on the basis of religion. SC/ST, OBC, and general poor have got the reservation under the constitution and by the blessing of Baba Saheb Ambedkar.”

PM Modi also took aim at the INDI Alliance, declaring, “This time the Shahi Parivar (Royal Family of Congress) will not able to vote for Congress candidate in Delhi. Similarly, the family members of late Ahmed Patel in Bharuch will not be able to vote for Congress candidate. Same is the condition with the big Congress leader from Bhavnagar. To form a government, you need a majority of 272 seats and the Congress is not contesting on 272 seats. How are they going to form a government?”

Furthermore, PM Modi criticized the Congress manifesto, stating, “Their manifesto has an impression of Muslim League and Maoist thinking. Congress will perform an x-ray of your houses. Congress has set their eyes on your life-savings. They have announced to charge 55% tax on your savings. If you have 10 acres of land as savings for your sons and daughters, you will have to give away 5 acres to the Congress government. Similarly, from two buffaloes, you will have to part with one buffalo to the Congress government.”

During the Sabarkantha public meeting, PM Modi addressed the topics of the Ram Mandir issue and Muslim women appeasement.

During his speech at the massive rally, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the plight of Muslim women who had been affected by the votebank politics of the Congress party prior to 2014. Modi was determined to protect my Muslim daughter and sister from the harmful effects of triple talaq. I enacted legislation to eliminate the practice of triple talaq. Today, my Muslim daughters and sisters are living happily in their families without the fear of triple talaq.

Some politicians tried to create fear by suggesting that the construction of the Ram Mandir would cause unrest in India. However, the people of India are joyfully celebrating this momentous occasion as a festival. According to PM Modi, the construction of Ram Mandir should have taken place right after independence, but it was halted by Congress who resorted to legal proceedings to prevent its construction.

“Ram Mandir trustees forgot everything and went to their houses with invitations, but they rejected to appease their vote bank,” PM Modi remarked.

There were concerns raised about the potential consequences of removing Article 370, with some fearing division and violence in India. This is a call for unity and courage, as we face uncertain times. We must remember the strength of our nation and not succumb to fear. Together, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way. Was Article 370 removed or not? Are you feeling proud? Has there been a bloodbath? Today, the national flag is being raised in Lal Chowk.

The country was engulfed in the flames of terrorism. Dossiers were previously sent to Pakistan. Previously, Congress would question Pakistan’s motives behind their acts of violence against us. According to PM Modi, India is taking a proactive approach by administering “doses and not dossiers’ by taking necessary action to protect its citizens.