Nita M Ambani launches The Her Circle EveryBODY Project to promote body positivity and inclusivity nationwide

India’s foremost digital content and networking platform for women, Her Circle, celebrates its 310-million reach on its 2nd anniversary by launching an inclusive initiative


Mumbai : In an effort to promote body positivity and encourage the acceptance of all people, regardless of size, age, colour, religion, neurodiversity, or physicality, Mrs. Nita M. Ambani, Founder-Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, launched The Her Circle, EveryBODY Project on International Women’s Day this year. The goal of the movement is to foster a community characterised by compassion and tolerance. Mrs. Ambani established Her Circle in 2021 with the aim of providing women with a positive, empowering, and safe online community. At the age of two, it has amassed an incredible 310 million users, making it the largest digital platform dedicated to women in India. Mrs. Ambani, who is leading the charge for the initiative’s primary goal of inclusiveness, has extended an invitation to everyone to get involved.

Mrs. Nita M. Ambani, speaking at the event to introduce the Her Circle EveryBODY Project, remarked, “Her Circle is about sisterhood, but also about solidarity. A unity based on mutual regard and acceptance. This idea underpins the entirety of our latest endeavour, the Her Circle Everyone Project. Trolls on social media are nothing new; we’ve all seen their work. People make judgements about others without understanding the difficulties they face. People can be dealing with a wide range of medical conditions and a variety of hereditary factors. Nonetheless, they are still targets of abuse and mockery. The effects, especially on developing brains, can be devastating. I’m hoping our effort will help people feel safe and accepted for being themselves.

The project was announced and Mrs. Ambani was featured on the digital cover and in an exclusive interview to mark the second anniversary of Her Circle.

Mrs Nita M. Ambani congratulated the users of Her Circle with a special message

“Congratulations to the entire team and the millions of women who form Her Circle! We started out as an idea. And we hope to make it a movement for all women! We launched Her Circle in the middle of the pandemic, still in lockdown. And we’ve come a long way in the last two years. But this is just the beginning!”

Her Circle’s second-year milestones cover goals across digital usage and networking. With more than 2,20,000 registered women users mostly entrepreneurs, we are constantly encouraging women to collaborate professionally and socially to rise together. Through The Her Circle EveryBODY Project, which will be a year-long initiative, Her Circle aims to promote diverse body sizes and appearances through real-life stories and short films of women in the world of social media – women who have challenged the unrealistic beauty standards and toxic norms that expect you to be of a certain size, colour and shape and turned it around to succeed, embrace their uniqueness and be the change and influence in the digital space. At the forefront of driving our founder, Mrs Nita M Ambani’s vision of a body-positive world, Her Circle will be encouraging women to put themselves first and build a larger circle of kindness and wellness.

How does Her Circle work?

Her Circle, founded by Mrs Nita M Ambani, is designed as a one-stop destination to provide women-related content that is engaging, and upliftment-oriented even as it connects women to each other through a social platform. She can engage as she watches vibrant videos, and reads articles with solution-oriented life strategies covering living, wellness, finance, work, personality development, community service, beauty, fashion, entertainment, creative self-expression and active participation in public life through women-led NGOs and other organisations.

Users can toggle between their language of choice—English and Hindi currently—by a simple language selection option. The Hindi content is unique and original, customized for the user.

The platform provides women with answers from Reliance’s esteemed panel of experts on health, wellness, education, entrepreneurship, finance, philanthropy, mentorship and leadership. The section on upskilling and jobs will help her find new professional skills as well as get job opportunities suited to her profile. She can grow and learn through masterclasses from the best in the business or avail complimentary digital courses.

Private, Personalised, Safe: while the content, from videos to articles, is open to all, the social networking part of the platform is only for women. The social connect will provide her with a safe, women-only forum to make new friends with shared interests or ask questions from peers without hesitation. Her Circle also has an exclusive and personal space for women to ask questions to medical and finance experts in a confidential chatroom.

Her Good Habit App: In addition to providing useful and uplifting content, social networking and expert advice in a safe and personalised environment, Her Circle also provides trackers to enable users to inculcate and sustain the right habits in the space of fitness, period tracking, fertility & pregnancy guide and finance tracking.

Her Circle is a desktop and mobile-responsive website and is available as a free app on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Lastly, participation in Her Circle is entirely free for its registered users.