New Hebbevu Fresh App Allows Access to Organic and Sustainable Dairy Products

One of Hebbevu Fresh's distinguishing characteristics is its commitment to organic agricultural practises.


Mumbai : Hebbevu Fresh, a dairy industry leader recognised for its clean and sustainable approach, announced the release of their new mobile application. The app is designed to provide users simple access to Hebbevu Fresh’s organic and sustainable dairy products, as well as unique deals and seamless home delivery possibilities.

Hebbevu Fresh has always been dedicated to providing high-quality dairy products while focusing on sustainability and animal welfare. With the release of their new app, they are elevating their client experience by providing a user-friendly platform for exploring their broad choice of dairy products and placing purchases with a few clicks.

The Hebbevu Fresh app offers a diverse range of organic and ethically sourced dairy goods, such as milk, yoghurt, butter, and cheese. Customers may use the app to explore the options and choose goods that match their interests and beliefs.

One of Hebbevu Fresh’s distinguishing characteristics is its commitment to organic agricultural practises. Hebbevu Farms feeds organic vegetables to its cows, guaranteeing that its dairy products are free of dangerous pesticides and chemicals. This dedication to organic agriculture helps not just health-conscious customers but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Hebbevu Fresh also goes above and above for animal welfare. The cows are provided rest times on a regular basis and are handled with the highest care and kindness. Furthermore, the company provides retirement for the animals later in their lives, giving them a pleasant and dignified existence in a loving sanctuary.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new app, which will revolutionise the way customers access our organic and sustainable dairy products,” Amith Kishan, Managing Director of Hebbevu Fresh, said of the app’s introduction. We hope that our software will make it easier for individuals and families to adopt a healthier lifestyle while also supporting ethical agricultural practises.”

To commemorate the app’s introduction, Hebbevu Fresh is presenting an amazing deal to its loyal consumers. Customers who subscribe to their milk delivery service for a month will get a week’s supply of milk for free. This special offer is a thank you from Hebbevu Fresh to its loyal clients, as well as a chance for more people to try their dairy products.

With the Hebbevu Fresh app, customers can now enjoy the ease of browsing, ordering, checking pincode-based delivery, and receiving their favorite organic dairy products directly to their doorstep.

Download the Hebbevu Fresh app today from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and discover a new way to embrace a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.