Latest diamond verification instrument, AMS Micro, launched by De Beers Group IGNITE

First-of-its-kind device offers rapid, automated screening of large volumes of the smallest melee diamonds;


Surat : De Beers Group Ignite has officially launched its latest diamond verification instrument, AMS Micro, one of the first devices to offer rapid, automated and autonomous screening of high volumes of the smallest melee diamonds. The first AMS Micro instrument will be delivered to the Swiss office of leading diamond manufacturer and De Beers Group Sightholder, KGK, at the end of February.

AMS Micro complements De Beers Group Ignite’s comprehensive suite of diamond verification instruments, which provide solutions for screening diamonds of all sizes to underpin confidence in diamond companies’ product integrity.

Following more than two years of development and rigorous testing, AMS Micro can screen up to 2,500 diamonds per hour in the 0.6mm to 0.9mm size range, automatically separating natural diamonds from lab-grown diamonds and other materials with a zero per cent false positive rate and a referral rate of less than three per cent. These high accuracy rates have the potential to deliver savings of up to 50 per cent on laboratory costs, depending on screening volumes.

The speeds and accuracy achieved by AMS Micro are made possible by a first-of-its-kind ‘robotic arm’ automated feed and dispense function, which requires no specialist expertise or outside supervision to operate and can save users on average five days for every 100 carats screened.

Sarandos Gouvelis, Head of De Beers Group Ignite, said: “De Beers Group Ignite is committed to protecting the integrity of natural diamonds and supporting our customers to have confidence throughout their supply chain. Every lab-grown diamond can be distinguished from natural diamonds due to their different growth structures. The innovative technology offered by our comprehensive suite of diamond verification instruments – which deliver results in mere moments – plays a critical role in underpinning trade confidence and in supporting the ongoing differentiation between natural and lab-grown diamonds.

“AMS Micro represents an important breakthrough for the industry, as it greatly improves screening of the smallest sizes of diamonds by automating this process with very high levels of speed, accuracy and reliability – saving users significant time and money compared with existing manual processes. It comes to market following years of dedicated research and development by our leading scientists, working in collaboration with industry participants, and will be a game-changer for diamond businesses that deal in large volumes of melee diamonds.”

Patrik Schäfer, CEO of KGK’s Swiss office, said: “As one of the world’s leading diamantaires, the integrity of the diamonds we sell is of utmost importance. The AMS Micro eliminates the human error element in testing diamonds below 0.9mm and offers automised reports which prove the results of the testing. In doing so, the AMS Micro provides a missing link in the chain of test traceability outside of the laboratories. AMS Micro will help us to increase our volumes and delivery turnaround times to our customers, which addresses a key pain point for us currently. The KGK Group has been impressed by the innovation and capabilities offered by AMS Micro, which revolutionises the approach for screening diamonds in this size range, and we are excited about the long term benefits it will deliver to our business by providing enhanced assurance to our customers.”

Throughout development of AMS Micro, De Beers Group Ignite collaborated with a number of potential customers to understand key priorities and ensure the instrument would best meet industry needs.

Sarandos said: “We’ve had a very positive response from all customers we’ve engaged with throughout the development of AMS Micro. We already have a steady pipeline of orders underway, reflecting the strong desire among diamond businesses for the benefits AMS Micro delivers.”