Kshatriya Community Gears Up for Massive Mahasammelan in Rajkot, Demands Cancellation of Parshottam Rupala’s ticket

Karansinh Chavda, leader of the Rajput Coordination Committee, emphasized the Kshatriya community's unwavering stance against Parshottam Rupala over his controversial remarks


Rajkot : In a resounding display of solidarity, tens of thousands of Kshatriya community members from Gujarat and beyond are set to converge at Ratanpar near Rajkot on April 14 for the Kshatriya Asmita Mahasammelan. The gathering serves as a platform to voice vehement opposition to BJP’s Rajkot Lok Sabha candidate, Parshottam Rupala, following his contentious remarks directed towards Kshatriya women and the royals.

Organized by the Rajput Coordination Committee, extensive mobilization efforts have been underway through social media and community networks to ensure a robust turnout. With over 500 luxury buses and 1,000 private cars expected to ferry participants from various cities and towns across Gujarat, the Mahasammelan promises to be a formidable demonstration of Kshatriya unity and resolve.

The Rajput Coordination Committee has issued directives urging community members to register their attendance through designated channels. In Ahmedabad alone, more than 30 luxury buses and 100 private vehicles are slated to transport Kshatriya brethren to the convention venue. Special arrangements have been made to facilitate the participation of individuals residing in different parts of Ahmedabad, underscoring the widespread support for the cause.

Karansinh Chavda, leader of the Rajput Coordination Committee, emphasized the community’s unwavering stance against Parshottam Rupala. Despite public apologies tendered by Rupala, the Kshatriya community remains steadfast in its demand for the withdrawal of his candidature. Chavda emphasized that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is cognizant of the simmering discontent among Kshatriyas, warning of escalating protests across all 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat should Rupala proceed with his nomination.

The looming specter of ‘Operation Rupala’ highlights the gravity of the situation, with Kshatriya leaders calling for restraint on Rupala’s part. Chavda reiterated the community’s demand for accountability, urging Rupala to heed the voices of dissent and step back from the electoral fray.