Karaoke Version of ‘Jai Adhyashakti’ garba song Introduced to Enhance Navratri Celebrations

The brainchild of Rajkot-based musician Dharmesh Pandya's Sai Krupa Studio and  production and branding company 'The Visualizer,' this initiative marks the first-ever karaoke version of the Maa Amba Aarti song.


Rajkot : Devotees in Gujarat now have a unique way to celebrate Navratri, as musicians from the region have introduced a karaoke version of the Maa Amba garba song ‘Jai Adhyashakti.’ This innovation allows devotees to sing the revered Aarti with melody, rhythm, and lyrics from the comfort of their homes, party plots, and garba venues during the ongoing festival.

The brainchild of Rajkot-based musician Dharmesh Pandya’s Sai Krupa Studio and  production and branding company ‘The Visualizer,’ this initiative marks the first-ever karaoke version of the Maa Amba Aarti song.

During Navratri, devotees often come together in garba venues, streets, residential apartments, and houses to sing Aartis with a shared tune and rhythm. Many use recorded versions of the song played on music systems to kick off the garba event. The introduction of the karaoke version of Maa Amba Aarti now allows devotees to participate in the song’s melodious rendition, even if they don’t remember all the words and the tune.

Explaining the idea, Jitendra Bandhaniya, owner of The Visualizer, said, “During Navratri, parents usually sing Aartis, and children follow along. However, when children have to sing alone, they may struggle with the words and tune. By providing them with a karaoke version, children can engage with Maa Amba’s Aarti in a more musical and enjoyable way.”

Bandhaniya also added, “Rather than singing a recorded Aarti in small pandals and societies, singing Aarti in one’s own voice with karaoke enhances the experience. Shivanand Swami’s wonderful Aarti of Mataji has been given a fresh dimension by presenting it to the people in a karaoke version.”

While karaoke versions of Bollywood songs are widely popular, this innovative approach brings the same musical experience to religious songs, aartis, and kirtans, aiming to connect people with their faith through music. Dharmesh Pandya of Sai Krupa Studio expressed his intentions to launch karaoke versions of 51 songs in the first phase, including Hanuman Chalisa and Shiv Bhajans, with plans to expand the repertoire to 108 songs, encompassing kirtans, aartis, and more.

For those interested in participating in this musical endeavor or contributing information about any musical compositions, you can contact Dharmesh Pandya at 88662 78880. This creative initiative promises to add a harmonious touch to Navratri celebrations and inspire a deeper connection to the traditions and spirituality of the region.