KAI India launches a brand campaign depicting its MD as regal Indian maharaja

Social media users have responded enthusiastically to the campaign, praising the campaign's use of rich storytelling and the clever fusion of two rich cultures, India and Japan.


New Delhi (India) : New advertisements for KAI India feature Rajesh U Pandya, the company’s managing director. KAI India is the Indian division of the storied Japanese cosmetics and cookware manufacturer KAI. In the ads, Mr. Pandya is depicted as a noble Indian maharaja, wearing a champagne-colored sherwani and standing over a Japanese katana (sword). Social media users have responded enthusiastically to the campaign, praising the campaign’s use of rich storytelling and the clever fusion of two rich cultures, India and Japan.

Mr. Pandya explained his creative process by saying, “This campaign expresses my passion for KAI and shows that KAI’s blades have become an integral part of Indian households. KAI’s razors, made with cutting-edge Japanese technology and gentle enough for everyday use, and the company’s signature kitchen knives are examples of how the company “is there to add value to your daily needs.”

Advertisement campaign’s secondary message is that women are not the only ones who can cook. Since the COVID pandemic began, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of males who prepare meals. “There are more male chefs than female chefs,” he says, “despite cooking being traditionally seen as the job of women.

Mr. Pandya, who has worked extensively in different sectors all across the globe, has been driving KAI India’s growth since taking over as the MD in year 2016. KAI India has launched several innovative and breakthrough products in the Indian market and has carved out a niche for itself in the hearts of customers.

“It is easier for consumers to accept advertisements which are rich in storytelling and a sense of familiarity in which company’s top executives play a vital role for the brand. We believe Mr. Pandya to be the perfect representative of the essence of the brand and his passion for the brand cannot be paralleled,” said Hitesh Singla, Head of Marketing at KAI India.

KAI India recently introduced the Pretty Face Razor, a one-of-a-kind razor, exclusively made for girls with sensitive skin types. It also launched the X-FIT Razor, India’s 1stfive blade razor for women designed to get rid of unwanted hair in the comfort of their homes.

As an avid traveller, Mr. Pandya has traveled to over 40 countries helping him develop a deep understanding of different cultures and people from various walks of life. He also has rich experience of over three decades in various markets and industries. He was a buyer of luxury brands from all over the world for Japanese consumers. He played a pivotal role in establishing a leading apparel and accessories brand in the US. He also set up operations of French retail Carrefour SA in Japan. He was also associated with other successful companies before joining KAI India.

ABOUT KAI INDIA: Over 100 years old Japan-based KAI Group made a foray into the Indian market by setting up a manufacturing facility spanning over 30,000 sq mt in Neemrana, Rajasthan. KAI brings over 800 years of Japanese legacy of forging blades, directly to Indian households with its kitchenware range. KAI Also offers high-precision beauty and personal care products to Indian consumers adding value to their daily life. KAI India is determined to provide products prepared with detailed R&D and superior Japanese technology. With its clear vision and mission, KAI is marching forward towards becoming a household name in India.

Founded in Seki in 1908, KAI products have cult status in Japan. The brand is known for its high-quality beauty care and grooming products integrating practical aesthetics with refined craftsmanship providing well-designed, innovative houseware, and beauty care products that are used widely in day-to-day lives.