John Alukka’s Jos Alukkas brand is leading the Indian jewellery market

In South India, the family has been selling gold jewellery for generations


Kerala : The people of India have a deep appreciation for jewels and a history that is unparalleled. The jewellery market has shown steady growth throughout the years, pointing to a bright future. The jewellery line Jos Alukkas is well-known for its fashionable pieces and accoutrements. John Alukka, together with his brothers Varghese and Paul, runs it. In South India, the family has been selling gold jewellery for generations. In the previous sixty years, the brand has been more powerful.

According to estimates, the gems and jewellery business in India accounts for more than 7 percent of the country’s GDP. The demand for jewellery accessories in a nation where the jewellery sector employs over 5 million people has shown only positive growth. John and his colleagues have expanded their jewellery store chain across Southern India, and they’re getting a lot of love from customers all over the nation.

The jewellery selling company was split out from Alukkas Jewellery in 2001 and established its headquarters in Thrissur, Kerala. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana are just few of the Southern states where you may find Jos Alukkas thanks to John Alukka’s leadership. The business owner has always maintained the view that jewellery is more than simply an ornament; it is an extension of one’s identity.

Necklaces, bangles, anklets, bracelets, chains, rings, earrings, and pendants are just few of the many jewellery items available under John’s jewellery label. The company’s offerings also include diamond and platinum jewellery accessories, in addition to gold. Jos Alukkas’s jewellery division is home to an exclusive label known as Ivy, which features only the finest accessories.

Looking at the trends, the entrepreneur has always welcomed innovations like digitalization. John Alukka was instrumental in launching the Jos Alukkas online jewellery store The entrepreneur says, “The current generation is fascinated with the online ecosystem. Every brand has its presence across the digital space, and it has become easy and convenient to buy products online.”

The other trend John Alukka has successfully introduced is lightweight jewellery accessories. “Today’s generation loves to wear lightweight accessories. Gold is not only a symbol of traditional heritage but it is also a symbol of style and status quo for millennials who love to wear statement pieces that are lightweight”, John added.
In addition, John Alukka has always welcomed newness to his work, thereby taking the Indian jewellery industry to a global level. Along with his entrepreneurial pursuits, John also lives an interesting lifestyle. An avid lover of automobiles, his garage has the best cars of top brands. Starting with a Maruti Esteem, the entrepreneur now has a classy Lamborghini in his garage. “There’s a lot to achieve, and I am excited to introduce newer things from my jewellery brand soon”, he concluded.