ISBR wins FICCI Road Safety Award

The FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) has recently acknowledged this effort. ISBR Business School was honoured with a distinguished award from FICCI in recognition of its exemplary work and contributions to society. 


Bengaluru : It is encouraging to see schools take initiative to raise students’ understanding of the need of road safety in a world where traffic accidents kill millions of people every year. ISBR Business School, which has promoted itself as -a Beacon of Change, has always sought to provide its students with skills beyond those they would learn in the classroom.

The institution adopted a preventative attitude by establishing the ‘Safety Sarathy’ campaign because of the critical nature of the issue of road safety. ISBR’s commitment to teaching its students civic responsibility and making a difference in the world is shown through this project.

The FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) has recently acknowledged this effort. ISBR Business School was honoured with a distinguished award from FICCI in recognition of its exemplary work and contributions to society.

ISBR Business School was honoured with the coveted FICCI Road Safety Award for its outstanding achievements to making our roads safer via this massive awareness campaign. This award was established in the category of “Road Safety Intervention by Higher Education Institutes.”

Safety Sarathy: A Global Effort to Raise Awarness About Road Safety ISBR Business School has launched a community-wide initiative called “Safety Sarathy” to raise awareness about the importance of road safety and encourage safe driving habits among its students and the surrounding neighbourhood. ‘ISBR aspires for participation and impact,’ Dr. Anand Agrawal, Executive Director of ISBR Group, said.

More than 250 students and staff members benefited from this effort, and over 5,000 commuters in Bengaluru were involved. ISBR students participated to this event with great zeal, educating commuters on the significance of road safety and handing out junction maps and other teaching materials.

Iconic ISBR Managing Director Dr. Manish Kothari exclaimed, “ISBR partnered with Bangalore Traffic Police, Ready Assist (an organisation that works in the area of 24/7 Road Side Assistance), a non-profit organisation focusing on safety-called Club2Ds (Drive Smart, Drive Safe), and an interesting social enterprise called- LetsTagOn that has a deep-seated mission to foster Social responsibility among yout.” According to him, in order to produce well-rounded future leaders via the idea of knowledge without limits, ISBR incorporates Social Immersion activities into its Orientation Programme and the ISBR PGDM curriculum. ISBR intends to scale this initiative up and expand it into a massive campaign in tandem with LetsTagOn.

There has been a lot of press regarding this effort; 16 regional and English publications have covered it. This project was well planned thanks to a methodical procedure that included (i) surveys of traffic intersections, (ii) a visit to the Traffic Control Room, and (iii) interventions in the form of sessions by the police, industry liaisoning with Ready Assist, and the expert guidance of Club2Ds to educate and train the students and faculty. Students rallied for road safety and educated the public about lane discipline, safety precautions including – wearing seatbelts and helmets, following traffic signals and pedestrian safety and last but not least, not using mobile phones while driving, during the 6th, 2022 Field Drive. The drive was flagged off from the Traffic Management Centre at Infantry Road. Students then shared their insights, accomplishments, and excitement from this hands-on, thought-provoking activity.

About the ISBR School of Business:

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