How Habuild helps people live better and healthy lifestyles through its curated yoga classes

Yoga can be an excellent remedy for those living with type 1, type 2 diabetes


New Delhi (India) : Though common, diabetes is one of the biggest contributors to a damaged and unhappy life. Around 422 million people worldwide suffer from this killer condition and the majority of them live in middle-income countries like India. What’s more concerning, approximately 1.5 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year.

While there isn’t a cure for diabetes, healthy habits and rational lifestyle changes can help keep the condition under control. Given that, it’s crucial to get diabetes self-management education and support. To help diabetic people in getting back to a healthy and active life, Saurabh Bothra’s organization, Habuild, has come up with its unique habit-building module.

The organization has helped numerous people with diabetes to control their condition by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Unlike other self-claimed diabetic control programs or dietary supplements, Bothra’s initiative emphasizes cultivating good habits like practicing yoga every day and achieving holistic wellness.

According to Saurabh, yoga can be an excellent remedy for those living with type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes. Saurabh’s claims are backed by scientific studies. By boosting different health parameters, yoga may help reduce the risk of complications associated with diabetes. From soothing joints, keeping stress levels low, and improving cardiac health to reducing the risk of diabetic neuropathy – yoga covers all the degrees of healthfulness. This eventually allows you to enjoy an enhanced overall quality of life.

However, to access all the said benefits, it’s essential to make yoga a habit. By following a consistent routine, people can easily get healthy, even with diabetes. The best part is they don’t need to join those stereotypical weight loss or fitness programs. Simply by embracing the importance of discipline, people can achieve holistic well-being.

Habuild’s extraordinary habit-building program strives to help its users to include yoga in their daily routine without compromising their pace and ability. Habuild doesn’t recommend expensive yoga accessories or supplements. Besides, the organization doesn’t encourage unrealistic shortcuts or diet pills. All it does is, it teaches people about the necessity of going healthy and keeping conditions like diabetes, high blood sugar, neurological disorders, etc., under control.

Saurabh believes that health and work go hand in hand. If one is affected, the other will face the circumstances. Thus, he shows the way to stay healthy and active throughout life. By helping Habuild’s users incorporate yoga into their daily lives, Saurabh allows them to experience a boosted sense of self-awareness and groundedness. This, in turn, improves one’s ability to work. Besides, one can expect a boost in positivity and rationalism. Saurabh believes that today’s fast-paced and goal-centric lifestyle calls for the said qualities.

Saurabh started his journey as an IITian, but his interest in yoga pushed him to become a successful yoga instructor. He started Habuild with the aim of promoting disease-free, active, and healthy living. However, an unexpected challenge obstructed his way – most people refused to embrace yoga as a habit as they stereotypically believed that habit-building could occur at a certain age.

Saurabh and his team worked hard to combat this generalization and established the fact that good habits can be formed anytime. Habuild’s skilled team works passionately to make people aware of the secrets of healthy living. In addition to yoga, the organization offers sessions for Zumba and other wellness activities like face yoga.

The organization has served more than 50k people until now. Presently, they have more than 50 active people on their team, and Saurabh expects the number to grow astonishingly in the near future. Habuild has already been a popular choice lately, and it’s expected to develop a global footprint in the coming days.