Gujarat : Unseasonal Rains Bring Relief, Mango farmers worried

While the unseasonal rains in Gujarat brought a welcome break from the heat, the accompanying hailstorms pose a significant threat to their livelihoods


AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT : Over the past few days, residents of Gujarat have enjoyed a reprieve from the scorching heat with scattered rainfall across the state. However, Wednesday saw a shift in weather patterns, with some areas experiencing rain accompanied by hailstorms.

Ambaji, a prominent pilgrimage town, witnessed rain for the second consecutive day, with lightning adding to the dramatic skies.  While the showers brought temporary relief, reports of hail in certain areas raised concerns among farmers, particularly for their mango crops nearing harvest.

Similar anxieties arose in Vadwan, Surendranagar district, where hailstorms accompanied the rainfall, impacting villages like Rampara, Timba, Vaghela, and Malod. The much-needed respite from the heat came at a potential cost for local farmers who worry about the damage to their crops caused by the sudden storm.

Rain showers were also reported in the rural areas of Bhanvad taluka in Dwarka district. Meanwhile, in Dang and Kuch regions, the downpours continued for the third day in a row.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has a mixed forecast for the state. While scattered rains are expected to continue today and tomorrow, a warning for heatwaves has also been issued.

According to the latest IMD bulletin, districts including Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Dahod, ChhotaUdepur, Sabarkantha, Aravalli, Mahisagar, Panchmahal, and Kheda are likely to experience rainfall until tomorrow morning. There’s a chance of further rain in Ahmedabad, Anand, and Kheda stretching until 8:30 am on May 17th.

The unexpected shift in weather highlights the precarious situation for Gujarat’s farmers. While the rains brought a welcome break from the heat, the accompanying hailstorms pose a significant threat to their livelihoods. As the state braces for a continuation of the volatile weather patterns, all eyes are on the IMD for further updates and warnings.