Gujarat University to Compensate Foreign Students After Hostel Vandalism

A delegation from Afghanistan also visited Gujarat University to inspect the hostel facilities and meet with the university Chancellor and foreign students


Ahmedabad : Gujarat University has agreed to compensate foreign students whose electronic devices were damaged during a vandalism incident on March 16th. This comes a day after the university evicted seven Afghan students who were residing in the hostel illegally.

The vandalism incident stemmed from a conflict over Namaz prayers being offered in the hostel premises. On the night of March 16th, a group of unidentified individuals barged into the foreign students’ hostel and vandalized their rooms. Electronic devices, including computers and mobile phones, were damaged during the attack.

Following the incident, foreign students submitted a written complaint to the university demanding compensation for the damaged devices. The university has now agreed to their request and will be compensating the students within the next two days.

University Evicts Afghan Students Living Illegally

In a separate development, Gujarat University has taken action against students residing in the hostel illegally. Seven Afghan students were identified and subsequently evicted from the NRI hostel. The university has informed the Afghanistan Consulate about this decision.

Stricter Monitoring Implemented After Clashes

Following the clashes between students, the university has implemented stricter monitoring measures within the hostels. This comes after it was discovered that four students had overstayed their permits, while three others were nearing the end of their semesters.

Afghan Delegation Visits University

A delegation from Afghanistan also visited Gujarat University to inspect the hostel facilities and meet with the university Chancellor and foreign students. The delegation discussed the recent conflict and a previous incident of violence between foreign and local students that occurred three years ago over non-vegetarian food being consumed in the hostel.

Namaz Controversy Sparks Violence

The initial conflict that sparked the vandalism incident involved a group of foreign students offering Namaz prayers in the A-Block of the Boys Hostel on Saturday. Some individuals reportedly objected to the prayers, leading to a heated argument. A video of the argument went viral online, escalating tensions further. A mob then gathered outside the hostel, chanting slogans and vandalizing the students’ rooms and vehicles. Five foreign students were injured in the attack.

Police Make Arrests

The police have registered a complaint regarding the vandalism incident and have increased security measures around the hostel. Five individuals were initially arrested for their involvement in the attack. The Ahmedabad Crime Branch has since arrested two more suspects, identified as Kshitij Pandey and Jitendra Patel. The investigation is ongoing.