Gujarat : NCB Summons Angadia Owner In Drug Smuggling case

Following the Gujarat raids, the NCB has expanded its investigation to trace the origins and flow of the illicit funds with summons issued to HM Angadia in Ahmedabad


AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT : The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) headquarters in Delhi has issued summons to the owners of HM Angadia, located on CG Road in Surat, as part of a sweeping investigation into a drug smuggling network allegedly operating through the Angadia system. This move follows extensive raids conducted ten days ago by Gujarat CID Crime and other agencies on Angadia firms across multiple cities, including Ahmedabad and Surat. The raids led to the closure of more than 20 Angadia firms on CG Road and the seizure of over Rs 15 crore in cash.

On May 9th, Gujarat CID Crime, acting on intelligence regarding suspicious bank transactions, initiated a detailed investigation into several Angadia firms. This investigation uncovered over 40 bank accounts tied to a cricket betting call center, with transactions exceeding Rs 10 crore. Further scrutiny suggested that the funds were being routed to Dubai through the Hawala system, facilitated by Angadia firms.

In response, CID Crime, in collaboration with Income Tax teams, conducted coordinated raids on more than 20 Angadia firms in Ahmedabad and Surat. Prominent firms, including PM Enterprises and HM Angadia, were among those targeted. Raids were conducted at various locations, such as Navrangpura, CG Road ISKCON Arcade, Manekchowk, and Chinubhai Tower. The operation resulted in the seizure of significant cash holdings, underscoring the scale of the suspected illicit activities.

Following the Gujarat raids, the NCB has expanded its investigation to trace the origins and flow of the illicit funds. Summons have been issued to HM Angadia, specifically to Manoharlal Ainani, the firm’s owner. The NCB has requested Ainani to present detailed account records from the past two financial years, aiming to trace money transfers potentially linked to drug trafficking. The responsible person from HM Angadia is expected to appear at the NCB office in Delhi on May 22nd.

“This investigation is crucial for dismantling the financial networks that support drug trafficking operations,” said an NCB official. “The cooperation of Angadia firms in providing transparent financial records is essential to our efforts.”

The involvement of Angadia firms in these alleged criminal activities has cast a shadow over the entire network. Traditionally known for their swift and reliable money transfer services across India, Angadia firms are now under intense scrutiny. The recent raids and subsequent investigations have raised concerns about the potential misuse of this system for illegal activities, including drug smuggling and Hawala transactions.

The CID Crime team’s efforts to gather information secretly about suspicious transactions in certain bank accounts have been pivotal in this investigation. Their collaboration with Income Tax authorities has ensured a thorough examination of the financial practices of these firms.

“These actions are a reminder of the importance of vigilance and regulatory oversight in preventing financial systems from being exploited for illegal purposes,” commented a senior official involved in the raids.