GenWorks Revolutionising Women’s Wellness as Freedom

GenWorks, one of the leading digital healthcare solution providers in India works to make healthcare affordable and accessible.


New Delhi : Societal conventions and expectations have traditionally placed women in the position of carer, which has led to the devaluation of women’s health and wellbeing in favour of domestic and professional obligations. To reverse this negative tendency for good, influential women in India have been promoting open dialogue on the long-ignored issue of women’s health. Leading by example, they are introducing and encouraging healthy habits to inspire women around the nation to make their health a top priority.

Dr Indira Hinduja is a renowned gynaecologist in India who has made significant contributions to the field of reproductive medicine and women’s health. Sunita Narain is well-known for her contributions to public health in India as both an environmentalist and a medical professional. Entrepreneurial biotechnology pioneer Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is well recognised for her contributions to lowering healthcare costs and expanding access to those who need it. Wrestler and Olympic bronze medallist Sakshi Malik has been a public face for efforts in India to improve menstrual hygiene and raise awareness about the health issues facing women. In the same way that these women are looked up to because of their outstanding achievements, they should also be followed because of their commitment to health and fitness.

Although many social issues, such as women’s rights and gender equality, have made strides forward in recent decades, this has not always translated into improvements in women’s health and wellbeing. Disparities in healthcare, work-life balance, cultural variables, social conventions, etc., all present obstacles. Economic considerations, education, background, and lack of insurance all impact women’s health in different ways, making it difficult to generalise about women’s health as a whole. The fact that many places are making strides and that certain groups are actively attempting to improve women’s health and wellbeing via their offerings cannot be ignored.

GenWorks, a top company in the Indian digital healthcare solutions market, strives to lower healthcare costs and increase coverage for everybody. The firm does this through educating the public about FemTech, which includes screening, diagnostic, and treatment products and services designed specifically for women’s health, among other things. FemTech is a wide term used to refer to all kinds of technology-based software, products, and services that can address the gaps in women’s health requirements by offering advanced consumer solutions. The FemTech market is valued at $22Billion and is expected to grow at a steady pace over the coming decade. With this, the company is increasingly focused on ensuring that women give higher importance to their health and well-being.

Health problems such as breast and cervix cancer are common diseases in India. In India, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every four minutes, and with over 1,78,000 new cases being diagnosed each year, breast cancer has surpassed cervical cancer to become a common disease in women. Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer have been on the rise in the country and can be attributed to factors such as increased life expectancy, lack of awareness, limited access to screening and vaccination, etc. Efforts are being made to increase awareness, improve screening, and promote HPV vaccination. FemTech also helps tremendously in early detection and improving outcomes for breast and cervical cancer.

FemTech covers all stages of feminine health including menstrual health, pregnancy, fertility, contraception, and more. GenWorks firmly believes that #SheDeservesBetter is focused on offering viable solutions to these women’s healthcare problems with its offerings. With a primary focus on women’s wellness, the company has solutions to unique problems aimed at being free from illnesses and attaining wellness. It promotes devices for minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures such as The New Eva Pro (Digital Colposcope Powered by Al), Thermo Glide (Treating precancerous lesions with thermocoagulation), Braster Pro (AI-Enabled Breast Health Screening Device), TruClear Mechanical Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System, Voluson Series Products (GE Ultrasound System decreasing maternal mortality rate) and many more. The fundamental idea behind these products is to enable rapid digitalization to emerge as a prominent trend in the healthcare sector for solving the unmet needs of women.

GenWorks aspires to make an increasing number of women aware of and embrace the importance of FemTech devices. Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, GenWorks said, “Women’s health has been overlooked for a long time and by using tech solutions to reach women, offering them products and services that were inaccessible to them before, FemTech has the power to change the lives of women. We aim to ensure that women embrace self-care by offering them a wide range of healthcare accessibility. We want to normalize female-specific conversations and offer seamless healthcare care to women.”

About GenWorks:

GenWorks is an Indian healthcare startup in India dedicated to improving the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. It works dedicatedly with the objective to create a platform that can solve healthcare access, affordability, and adoption. The company is dedicated to building awareness by leveraging technology and solutions with state-of-the-art digital solutions and an added focus on improving specialist access for the last mile.

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