Freight impasses ends, Adani cement  plants to reopen in Himachal Pradesh from Wednesday

The 67-Day long impasses over freight rates between two Adani cement plants and truckers in Himachal Pradesh ended with both the sides resolving the dispute amicably


Ahmedabad : The 67-day long impasse between two Adani Group-owned cement plants and truck unions in Himachal Pradesh ended with the both the sides amicably resolved the ongoing discussions on the freight rates in the state. Following the agreement, the cement plants owned by Adani Group will reopen from Wednesday.

A meeting led by Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu resolved the impasse, and work will continue on Tuesday.

Truckers have been protesting Adani Cement’s decision to decrease transportation charges to Rs 6 per tonne per km (PTPK) from the market rate of Rs 10.58 PTPK in Dalarghat and Rs 11.41 PTPK in Barmana since the 15th of December. Cement businesses and trucking firms have reached an agreement on rates of Rs 10.3 PTPK for single-axle trucks and Rs 9.3 PTPK for multi-axle trucks.

“We are happy to inform that all the stakeholders have come together and amicably resolved the ongoing discussions on the freight rates in the state of Himachal Pradesh” said a statement issued by Adani Group.

“ This outcome is positive for ACC & Ambuja Cements and all the stakeholders involved.  In line with our commitments, we are pleased to share that ACC and Ambuja Cements will resume operations effective tomorrow at the Gagal and Darlaghat plants in Himachal Pradesh”

According to the press statement by Adani, the new freight rates from tomorrow for single axle trucks of 12 tons would be  Rs. 10.30 Per Ton Per Km for Ambuja Cements’ Darlaghat plant & ACC’s Gagal  plant as compared to earlier rates of  Rs 11.41 for ACC’s Gagal and Rs 10.58 for Ambuja Cements’ Darlaghat units. The new rates for multi axle  24 ton Trucks would be  Rs 9.30 Per Ton Per Km for both units. This will result in overall reduction of 10-12% in the freight rates benefiting the customers of Himachal Pradesh.

The Gagal and Darlaghat units of ACC & Ambuja Cements are one of the largest industrial units in the state and play a vital role in providing employment & contributing to the economic viability of the state.

“The reopening of plants will  help in the economic,  social and overall development of the State. We are grateful to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, the members of the Sub-Committee, Government Ministries of Himachal Pradesh and the Transport Unions taking this initiative in the overall interest of all stakeholders and the State of Himachal Pradesh. The freight rates are as per the guidance provided by the relevant government authorities” said the spokesperson of Adani Cements.