Francture Brands has solely partnered with a Russian refinery for crude oil, LPG, LNG, diesel, and more

Russian oil has surpassed that of Iraq and Saudi Arabia as India's primary source of oil imports


New Delhi : Recent developments include a sole tie-up for India by Francture Brands Pvt Ltd with foreign partners that have more than 30 years of experience in the oil trading industry. Francture Brands Pvt Limited and its affiliates, including Adaro Coal Energy Pvt Ltd, will sell oil and petrochemicals made in Russia by companies including the Kirishinefteorgsintez (KINEF) refinery, which is a division of Surgutneftegaz (SNG), Gazpromneft (GPN), Tatneft (TNT), and Novatek (Novatek). Francture labels can supply not only crude oil but also a wide variety of refined petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and bitumen.

Russian oil has surpassed that of Iraq and Saudi Arabia as India’s primary source of oil imports. Third only to China and the United States in crude consumption, India too imports over 85% of its crude. Information from January shows that behind Saudi Arabia, Iraq is India’s second largest crude oil supplier, with an average daily delivery volume of 0.92 million barrels.

As reported by Vortexa, private oil refineries in India accounted for 47.3% of India’s total Russian oil imports in January. Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum are just a few of the state-owned refineries that also sell their fuels internationally. Its biggest market is India, where the demand is much higher than supply. Both of the private sector refineries send a considerable amount of their output overseas. Francture Branding Pvt Ltd has joined forces with a Russian oil and gas company to take advantage of a lucrative commercial opportunity.

The product list from several refiners which will be promoted by Francture Brands Private Limited across India: –

  1. D2 Diesel MT
  2. M100 Mazut MT
  3. Crude oil
  4. En590 diesel MT
  5. LPG MT
  6. LNG MT
  7. Jet fuel A1 BBL
  8. Jet Fuel 54 BBL
  10. ESPO BBL
  11. LCO MT
  12. UREA 46% MT
  13. DAP MT
  14. RON 92 MT
  15. SN 150-SN500 MT
  16. Fuel oil CST 180-280-380 MT
  18. Bitumen 60/70-80/100 MT
  19. Industrial Methanol
  20. Caprolactam
  21. Ammonium sulphate
  22. NP K 15x15x15
  23. NK K 6x20x30+S
  24. N-K
  26. Toluene
  27. Benzene
  28. Ortoxylene, paraxylene
  29. Paraffin

Francture Brands Private Limited, owned by Mr. Digant Sharma as the Chairman and Managing Director, is into an investment, brand expansion, franchise, software export, and more. Francture Brands Private Limited will expand the business with its partners by offering a supply of various oil-and petrochemical products and fertilizers from Russia.

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