Flawless Pharma Pvt Ltd will spend USD 100 Million in Hong Kong and China Assets & Patents buyout

Mumbai based Pharma API Company Flawless Pharma Pvt Ltd’s strategic investments in Hong Kong & China will open up opportunities in the complex R & D areas of NCE & NDDS. 


New Delhi: Flawless Pharma Private Limited,  a research-based integrated pharmaceutical company with a leadership position in Anti Malarial APIs, Anti Cancer APIs, and Veterinary APIs will be investing around USD 100 Million in a buyout of assets and the development of new products.

The Money Will Be Used To Buy Patents From Companies In Hong Kong And China. Flawless Pharma’s proposed USD 100 M investment in the purchase of assets and patents is seen as a standard by industry analysts. Flawless Pharma Pvt Limited’s yearly revenues will be consolidated thanks to investments in two key international sites, and several prospects in the intricate R&D fields of NCE and NDDS will become available as a result.

Dr. Sujeet Kumar Singh, Managing Director of the unlisted pharmaceutical company Flawless Pharma Pvt Limited, made the announcement of the USD 100 million investment, saying, “The Board of Directors & Management has endorsed the proposal to invest USD 100 million in the buyout of assets and patents and has successfully raised funds from Investors including Capital trade Napian Finance amongst other investors for the long term investments.” In Hong Kong, China, the investment will be used to purchase patent assets. This funding will open the door to huge markets in Central European countries like Slovakia, China, and Hong Kong. Our long-term goal is to dominate the Hong Kong, China market, therefore this investment makes sense. According to Indian market reports, the business has secured investment funding from NBFCs like Napian and CapItal.

The Hong Kong firm receiving the 100 million US dollar investment has patent holdings in China.  Owens Online Inc., a rating agency located in the United States, has given Flawless Pharma Private Limited an A+ rating. The company’s annual revenue is over 600 cores, and its net worth is above 400 crores.

According to Flawless Pharma Pvt Limited’s Executive Director, Gaurav Singh, these investments in Hong Kong and Slovakia were selected after thorough consideration of the local markets and competitive landscape. Productivity-driven growth may be aided by patent and public procurement processes, which facilitate the spread of new technologies and provide financial incentives for creative problem-solving. Countries may increase innovation and achieve a robust and inclusive recovery without imposing undue economic costs by using patents and innovation public procurement. In 2020, patent applications from the Asian economic region made for over 66 percent of the global total. However, 92% of all patent applications are submitted in China, Japan, and Korea combined. As businesses shift their priorities from efficiency to resilience, procurement takes centre stage as a strategic tool. That’s because it’s in a unique position to orchestrate systems that create long-term value and are robust enough to share loads, develop dynamically, and accommodate value holders that aren’t compatible with one another.

Flawless Pharma Pvt Limited Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, India, is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies focusing on the development, manufacturing, and sale of high-quality and affordable process R & D and API manufacturing service provider for the worldwide pharmaceutical industry since 2010. Flawless Pharma Private Limited has uniquely integrated development, regulatory, and manufacturing capabilities & has offices in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Flawless Pharma Private Limited offers a wide portfolio of services ranging from APIs for the generic industry to custom synthesis for early-phase pharmaceutical research and branded products. Flawless Pharma Pvt Limited Limited is a customer-focused backwards-integrated world-class developer, manufacturer & trader of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). It is the independent company of choice in collaboration with leading producers of advanced API solutions with state of manufacturing facilities with stringent operating procedures and compliance to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and applicable regulatory requirements and reliable supply to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Flawless Pharma Pvt Limited Limited has a wide basket portfolio that includes over 300 APIs across multiple therapeutic segments with a marketing presence in over 75 countries in the Middle East, European and African countries.

Flawless Pharma Pvt Ltd has recently added yet another feather to its cap of achievements by begging the prestigious “Emerging Pharmaceutical Company of The Year 2023” on 28th July 2023 at Hotel Radisson in Mumbai, India. The Award Trophy & Certificate of Excellence was awarded by renowned model, actress, psychologist & India’s first Mrs World, Dr. Aditi Govitrikar, in a power-packed event that brought together World-leading Businesses, Global thought Leaders from all fields of Industrial and Service Sectors, Business Leaders, Key Decision Makers, Members of Government Organizations and non-Govt. organizations.