Flame Solren forays into the residential consumer segment of solar power in Surat and South Gujarat



Surat : Flame Solren has expanded its services to include residential customers in Surat and the rest of South Gujarat. Previously, the company had only catered to commercial clients in the solar power industry.

Flame Solren, headquartered in Surat, has extensive experience executing world-class solar projects of varying sizes, having overseen the implementation of multiple solar power projects from inception to completion. In addition to engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services, the company is also an authorised channel partner for Renewsys and Havells, two of the most well-known producers of solar PV panels, solar inverters, and related goods.

“The challenge of climate change is worsening by the day, and the only way to slow down climate change is to reduce carbon emissions. Shifting from traditional energy sources to a renewable energy source like solar power, which has over 90% lower carbon emissions than gas or coal, is one of the biggest ways to lower carbon emissions. When a customer chooses to install solar power, he is not only making the right decision for himself but also contributing to the environment,” said Ankit Mangukiya, Director, Flame Solren.

 The last few years have witnessed significant adoption of solar power in the country as the total installed capacity has gone up by many times. Gujarat is among the pioneers of solar power and is among the leading states in terms of solar power capacity, both large-scale projects as well as solar rooftop projects. The government of Gujarat offers an attractive subsidy to encourage solar power adoption by households.

 “The state and central governments give 40% subsidy of the project cost for residential solar power projects. Any customers getting solar projects installed through us are eligible for the subsidy. Our high-quality panels, latest technology, and equipment ensure the project cost is recovered in just a few years, and the customer enjoys free electricity for at least 25 years,” said Vishal Anghan, Director, Flame Solren.

 The company started with the introduction of the net metering policy of the government in 2015.  Flame Solren also caters to clients in education, industries, real estate, healthcare, textile, jewels, and other segments.

“We work closely with customers from different segments throughout the project stage. Be it consultancy, installation, or commissioning, we pride ourselves in our commitment to customers and providing them with the best quality and service. Our customer-centric approach has played a big role in the growth we have achieved over the years,” said Hiren Dhameliya, Director, Flame Solren.