Equator’s New Year Sale: Up to 40% off* Home Appliances

Customers can get up to 40% off* select products for the entire month of January.


Pune/Mumbai: Equator Advanced Appliances from the United States has launched incredible offers on its range of home appliances in India. Customers can get up to 40% off* select products for the entire month of January.

Here is a list of the best products:

1) Compact Dryer ED 822

The Compact dryer has unique features such as a Lint Filter and Overheating Protection. It is an excellent choice for people who prefer to hand-wash their clothes in the winter.

2) Stackable Set Washer EW 830 + Dryer ED 852

This product includes a rear stacking kit, which allows you to stack the Dryer ED 852 on top of the Super Washer EW 830, converting it to a single body appliance and saving space in the wash area.

3) Front Load Super Washer EW 830

The machine, like the other Equator machines, has a variety of unique cycles, such as the Saree cycle for delicate fabrics, the Allergen cycle, and the Sanitize Cycle for clean and hygienic washing, among many others. The product’s most intriguing feature is the Direct Drum Inverter Motor, which is an innovative belt-free technology with a spin speed of 1400 rpm.

4) Super Combo EZ 5000 CV

The only washing machine combo in India with a 100 percent dry feature that delivers fully dry clothes with every wash. It also has a proprietary Dual Vent Technology that allows you to switch between Venting and Ventless drying modes with the push of a button.

5) Top Load Washers EWTL 808 and EWTL 810

These Top Load Washing Machines have washing capacities of 8 kg (ETWL 808) and 10 kg (EWTL 810), respectively. It was created with the current winter season in mind, and it includes many innovative wash cycles such as Dry Ozone, Air Dry, and Ozone Sanitize, among others.

“At Equator, we are all about innovation that can reduce workloads and keep your families safe and hygienic,” says Atul Vir, CEO & Founder, Equator Advanced Appliances. This recent offer on our products will allow customers to select products based on their preferences, usability, and convenience.”

The products are available on all major ecommerce platforms, including Amazon, Flipkart, and Croma.

Please follow this link: https://linktr.ee/equatorindia