Empowering Individuals with Autism: Celebrating Talent and Inclusivity Globally

Autism is not a disability but a different way of seeing the world.


New Delhi (India): April was celebrated worldwide as Autism Awareness Month, and every single day was marked as World Autism Awareness Day the entire month. These thirty days encourages, understands, acknowledges and supports individuals with autism spectrum and their families around the world.

Autism is not a disability but a different way of seeing the world. They seem to have a unique perspective on delivering new talent and insights. Individuals with autism have amazing talents, such as singing, dancing, art, mathematics, etc. These individuals bring a lot of energy into the world, they are very creative, they have hidden talents. The people at Samarth Assisted Living believe that these abilities shine brightest when given the opportunity to excel.

Samarth Assisted Living organized a special “Fashion Show Event” in honor of individuals with autism at Hotel Clay Inn, Gurugram. More than fifty individuals on the spectrum and their parents participated in the celebration. The highlight of the event was the fashion show, in which each participant received a certificate of recognition. Additionally, parents had the opportunity to share their experiences through interviews. The festivities also included music and art performances, which added to the liveliness of the atmosphere. Notably, the theme of the event was blue, a symbol of autism awareness. Following the activities, attendees enjoyed an after-program tea, which fostered camaraderie and reflection. All the participants, their partners and guardians enjoyed the evening without any inhibitions and felt a sense of community with one another. It was a liberating feeling for everyone present as they could showcase their talent and, most importantly, enjoy without any judgements.

Samarth Assisted Living is a unique learning environment dedicated to nurturing talented individuals with autism, empowering them to explore and express their potential. The institute offers a comprehensive educational program designed to open up the potential of everyone involved, allowing them to grow and express themselves. Built in a peaceful location near Dehradun their sprawling nine-acre campus provides a peaceful and pollution-free environment conducive to learning and development. It provides a supportive and enriching environment for individuals with autism to thrive and fulfill their aspirations.

They are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and empowerment, where each individual is encouraged to embrace his or her unique talents and make meaningful contributions to society. Through their customized programming and holistic approach, they strive to empower individuals with autism to live full lives and reach their full potential.