Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala received the “Atal Samman Puraskar 2022” for her commendable social activities and business entrepreneurship

A woman who has won numerous honors due to her devotion, hard work, and down-to-earth nature is now celebrating yet another significant accomplishment


Mumbai (Maharashtra): In an auspicious event, Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala was awarded the “Atal Samman Puraskar 2022” for her numerous social activities and business entrepreneurship. A woman who has won numerous honors due to her devotion, hard work, and down-to-earth nature is now celebrating yet another significant accomplishment. Her list of honors is endless since she is constantly inspired to work harder every day by her desire to make others’ lives happier while also growing personally.

She was assisting in a variety of areas, including education and other fields, in addition to delivering food and clothing during COVID-19. She visits nearby communities on the weekends to interact with the impoverished about their issues and needs. She considers their requirements and determines how she may best assist them. She offers education to those who never attend school and to those who have achieved their 10th-grade to a bachelor’s degree but are unable to communicate in their mother tongue.  These students are improving their skills at their institutions while also learning their mother tongue.

Her educational institutions offer a variety of free IT courses and software-based skills training, preparing students for employment and professional advancement in the IT industry. Other than this, she provides free sarees to underprivileged women and free food and clothing to widows and the elderly so they can live better lives. Nowadays, most children send their elderly parents away from the house and forget everything they may have done for them over the past 20 to 30 years or so. This ungrateful practice of young children and not providing support to widows is disheartening. Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala is constantly working to support such people in their lives. By providing generic medications to the poor, she helps people with medical problems and illnesses as well.

She was honored with various other rewards in addition to this prestigious award for her social initiatives. Her list of rewards starts with the Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Prize, the Most Inspirational Woman Award, the Influencer Award, the Abdul Kalam Diamond Sparkling Award, and goes to the Global Iron Lady Award, the Indira Gandhi International Seva Ratna Award 2022, the Real Super Hero Award by the United Nations, and several other national and international awards for her commendable work.

Her hardships and experiences, which began in childhood, inspired her to aid others without expecting anything in return. She studied at a government school and overcame financial and social obstacles to achieve great success without anybody’s support. As a result, she is determined to prevent anyone else from having to go through what she did and to provide as much assistance as she can to those who want it. Her incredible success and outstanding rewards are the results of her desire to assist everyone in need.