Dr. Rohit Damor Leads Innovation at CityPlus Hospital with Robotic Total Knee Replacement

The successful operation demonstrated the superior compatibility of the Attune Knee System with Johnson & Johnson's Finest Implant, the Velys Finest Robotic System.


Ahmedabad : Dr. Rohit Damor, an internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in robotic joint replacement, has made a significant advancement in his area. At CityPlus Hospital, the only 4th generation Velys robotic replacement centre in Ahmedabad, he performed a pioneering robotic knee replacement operation. Dr. Damor’s dedication to excellence in patient care is shown in his use of Johnson & Johnson implants in this ground-breaking procedure, namely the highly rated Attune Knee System.

The successful operation demonstrated the superior compatibility of the Attune Knee System with Johnson & Johnson’s Finest Implant, the Velys Finest Robotic System. The combination of cutting-edge technology and high-quality implant materials has raised the bar for surgical accuracy and patient care in knee replacement procedures.

Dr Rohit Damor said: “I’m passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in orthopedic surgery. Robotic total knee replacement is the culmination of years of dedication to improving patient care, and I’m thrilled to bring this technology to CityPlus Hospital.

Robotic surgery isn’t about replacing surgeons; it’s about augmenting their abilities. With robotics, we can take joint replacement surgery to new heights, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.”

Dr. Rohit Damor, who holds an M.S. in Orthopedics, is renowned for his pioneering work as a Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon. With a distinguished career spanning across multiple countries, including India, Australia, South Korea, and France, Dr. Damor has earned a reputation as an innovator in the field of orthopedics. He is also a highly skilled Arthroscopy & Sports Injury Surgeon and a leading Shoulder Surgeon.

The recent success of the robotic knee replacement surgery at CityPlus Hospital underscores Dr. Damor’s dedication to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technologies. His commitment to precision and patient well-being has made him a trusted figure in the medical community, and he continues to lead the way in transformative orthopedic procedures.

Patients seeking top-tier orthopedic care can rely on Dr. Rohit Damor’s expertise at CityPlus Hospital, now equipped with the latest 4th generation Velys robotic system for knee replacements. With a focus on innovation, excellence, and patient-centric care, Dr. Damor remains at the forefront of robotic joint replacement surgery.

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