Diamond Baron Mukesh Patel Bring Smiles to Surat’s Elderly with Free Dentures

Inspired by His Father's Health Struggles, Green Lab Chairman Partners with SDA Diamond Hospital to Gift Dentures on PM Modi's Birthday


Surat : Mukesh Patel, the Chairman of Green Lab, a leading lab-grown diamonds (LGD) producer and manufacturer in Surat, embarked on a heart-touching journey to transform the lives of Surat’s elderly population. Inspired by his elderly father’s health ordeal, Patel joined hands with the SDA Diamond Hospital and Research Centre to provide free full and partial dentures to approximately 2,500 senior citizens in Surat, marking the 73rd birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The 7.5 carat lab-grown green diamond gifted by PM Modi to the first lady of United State (US) Jill Biden during his recent visit was crafted by Mukesh Patel at his Green Lab factory.

The genesis of this heartwarming initiative can be traced back to a crucial moment when Mukesh Patel’s father experienced constipation and indigestion due to the absence of dentures. Recognizing the profound impact of oral health on overall well-being, Patel resolved to make a difference in the lives of the elderly by ensuring they have access to proper dentures.

To commemorate the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the success of the ‘Faces celebrate the festival of joy’ (chehro ujve che anand utsav) campaign initiated by the SDA Diamond Hospital, Mukesh Patel personally invited around 1,000 senior citizens who had been fitted with the gifted dentures to his expansive diamond facility located at the Gems and Jewellery Park in Ichhapore, Surat.

Speaking about his heartfelt endeavor, Mukesh Patel stated, “I am overjoyed when I see elderly people wearing a big smile, proudly displaying their teeth on the occasion of Prime Minister Modi’s birthday. My inspiration came from my father’s health difficulties when he refused to use dentures. Approximately 1,000 senior citizens have already received their dentures, while the process for another 1,500 is currently underway. We are committed to reaching as many elderly people as possible and providing them with the gift of dentures.”

CP Vanani, Chairman of the SDA Diamond Hospital and Research Centre, applauded Mukesh Patel’s noble initiative and emphasized the importance of continued community support. Vanani said, “The dentures are offered free-of-cost to elderly individuals from all communities and castes. We still require individuals like Mukesh Patel to sponsor the denture costs, ensuring that we can bring smiles to the faces of our elderly population.”

Vanani continued, “We have witnessed many elderly people who cannot afford the high expenses associated with dentures. The ‘chehro ujve che anand utsav’ campaign is poised to continue, with the aim of reaching every elderly person in the city of Surat, and we hope to do so with the generous support of the community.”

“Mukesh Patel’s compassionate gesture stands as a testament to the positive impact that inspired individuals can have on their communities. As the ‘chehro ujve che anand utsav’ campaign gains momentum, it shines as a beacon of hope for Surat’s elderly citizens, promising brighter and healthier smiles for years to come” said Dinesh Navadia, coordinator of free dental treatment scheme of SDA hospital.