Corporate Leader Meena Chabbria’s Book “Unstoppable” Unveiled by Shilpa Shetty

Illustrating her inspiring journey to success, Meena demonstrates how she broke glass ceilings despite all odds in her book and became the AVP of PVR Cinemas.


New Delhi : ‘Unstoppable,’ the autobiography of PVR Cinemas’ Assistant Vice President of Brand Alliances for South India and Sri Lanka, Meena Chabbria, was officially released at PVR Juhu, Mumbai.

‘Unstoppable’ is Chabbria’s vivid recounting of her incredible rise from poverty to corporate prominence. Her tenacity, fortitude, and dedication to the advancement of women are all on full display in this book.

Celebrities such as Shilpa Shetty, CEO of Success Gyan, Surendran J, leadership and life coach Gagan Adlakha, and prominent digital coach Siddharth Rajsekar all attended the book launch.

Leading actress, fitness star, and businesswoman Shilpa Shetty spoke at the book launch, saying, “I have known Meena for a long time, and every time I have seen her, she has always been so joyful and wonderful. Prior to reading her book “Unstoppable,” I had no knowledge of her hardships. People like Meena, who had to work their way up, inspire me greatly. She’s successful on every level. I think this book will be helpful for ladies looking for guidance all around the world. Because, as my mother often says, “strong women make stronger women,” I am very pleased that Meena has written down her empowering path in Unstoppable. Cheers to the invincibility of your quest!

Meena Chabbria is overjoyed to tell her story in “Unstoppable.” I write this in the hopes that it would encourage other women to embrace their individuality, overcome obstacles, and realise their full potential.

Meena’s upbringing was quite modest. She was up in a Coimbatore refugee settlement for Sindhis, where her initial jobs were with children and subsequently with the elderly. After landing her first corporate job as a telecaller for Shaimak Davar’s dance studio, she put in countless hours and never looked back. She then moved on to work at Inox, and for the last 13 years, she has been an integral part of PVR Cinemas’ success. She had been raising two lovely kids as a single parent the whole time.

In a relentless drive to uplift women, Meena Chabbria is also the founder of Unstoppable Angels, a transformative programme to empower women to succeed in their careers and reach their full potential.

The book ‘Unstoppable’ not only marks the celebration of Meena’s exceptional journey but also her commitment to empowering others. It offers a captivating exploration of overcoming adversity and achieving success in the face of challenges.

Present at the launch, Surendran J, CEO, Success Gyan, said, “Meena embodies the very essence of tenacity. Her unyielding determination and insatiable thirst for knowledge truly set her apart. It’s these qualities that render her genuinely “unstoppable.” I am filled with immense pride as she unveils her book today. Her story is not just a narration of her journey, but a powerful testament that will resonate, inspire, and make a significant impact on the world.” .

“I am filled with pride witnessing all that Meena has accomplished and, more importantly, her decision to share her wisdom and insights with the world. As a stalwart in the corporate world, her choice to uplift others, especially women, through her ‘Unstoppable Angels’ initiative and her book ‘Unstoppable” is truly inspirational. Meena’s actions underscore the true mark of leadership: not just reaching the summit, but extending a hand to help others ascend as well.”, said Siddharth Rajsekar, Founder, Internet Lifestyle Hub

“Meena’s journey is a powerful narrative of resilience, determination, and vision, beautifully encapsulated in her book ‘Unstoppable’. Her strides in the corporate world and the ability to consistently reinvent herself are admirable, but what truly sets her apart is her commitment to fostering a generation of strong, confident women leaders. With ‘Unstoppable’, she is not just telling her story but lighting a path for others to follow.”, said Gagan Adlakha, Leadership and Life Coach

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About Meena Chabbria

Meena Chabbria is the Assistant Vice President of Alliances at PVR Cinemas in South India and Sri Lanka. A successful business leader and advocate for women’s empowerment, Chabbria holds multiple management degrees from prestigious institutions such as UCLA, IIM Raipur, ISB, and MICA.