Child Help Foundation to Celebrate World NGO Day with Love and Nutrition

World NGO Day is celebrated on 27th February every year


Mumbai : The Child Help Foundation, a Pan-India non-profit, will observe World NGO Day with the lofty goals of fostering compassion and providing nourishment to the impoverished in Mumbai on February 27. To recognise the dedication of NGOs, a global celebration of World NGO Day will take place.

Child Help Foundation spreads the “culture of giving” with the goal of improving lives by assisting the less fortunate members of society and doing everything in its power to ensure their future. The non-profit organisation has made significant efforts over the past 12 years to assist children and the poor and bring about noticeable change in society. For disadvantaged kids, their families, the environment, and society at large, they organise and carry out a variety of campaigns. The mission of CHF is to assist as many people as possible throughout India and to establish itself as a trustworthy Charity during trying times. The staff of the Child Help Foundation is always available to help those in need.

The NGO assists women in achieving financial independence or employment in addition to its many charity endeavours and campaigns by fostering their development in professions including nursing, beauty, and tailoring. They have also given thousands of kids access to facilities for their health and nutrition as well as high-quality education. They have assisted youngsters with serious illnesses by giving them the appropriate medication and medical care. The Organisation has conducted numerous initiatives across the nation to promote the importance of sanitation and cleanliness. They have constructed a number of restrooms and urinals with appropriate sanitation features. CHF constructs functional, effective toilets in rural and tribal areas as part of its sustainability and maintenance initiatives.

Mr. Shaji Varghese, CEO of Child Help Foundation, spoke about the organization’s accomplishments and said, “On World CSR Day, the Child Help Foundation was honoured for its outstanding contributions to corporate social responsibility by receiving the “NGO Leadership Award” in the categories of “Health,” “Education of Girl Children,” and “Village Development.” Our constant dedication to having a good impact and transforming society and the environment is demonstrated by this accomplishment. Being recognised for our efforts is an honour, and it inspires us to keep working for a more just and sustainable world. We are grateful that the CSR Awards organisers recognised our efforts and encouraged us to take additional steps to improve our world and communities.”

Child Help Foundation has also won Mahatma Award for Health, Education to the Girl Child and Village Development. Recently CHF won First Prize in Tata Mumbai Marathon for their initiative of opening Baby Feeding Centers in the hospitals of Mumbai and other states as well.

On this World NGO Day Child Help Foundation needs extended hands of help to provide nutrition-deprived families with proper ration for a month. Contribution from volunteers can help CHF to distribute essentials for meals like grains and pulses and sanitation necessities to the underprivileged families of Mumbai. CHF has offices pan India to provide, extend and volunteer help in the respective cities.

Here is a list of things you can donate

  1. Rice
  2. Dal
  3. All Pulses & Grains
  4. Oil (Cooking/Hair)
  5. Soap & Washing Powder
  6. Flour Packets (any)
  7. Sanitary Napkins
  8. Wheat
  9. Poha / Rava / Peanuts
  10. Sugar
  11. Salt

These items will directly go to the community, old age homes, and childcare institutes with which Child Help Foundation is associated.

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