Bharat Blockchain Yatra curtain-raiser at T-Hub, Hyderabad

The curtain raiser event for Narrating India's Blockchain Story - The Shift from Hype to Value was hosted at Hyderabad's renowned T-Hub.


New Delhi : Bharat Blockchain Yatra (BBY), an awe-inspiring trip spanning 25 series of events throughout 18 Indian states. The first of its kind Web3 & Blockchain Tech Tour. The curtain raiser event for Narrating India’s Blockchain Story – The Shift from Hype to Value was hosted at Hyderabad’s renowned T-Hub. This event was a watershed moment in India’s blockchain journey, bringing together an eager group of government officials, industry executives, blockchain specialists, developers, students, and thought leaders.

T-Hub Event Highlights:

The ceremony began with a spectacular inauguration headed by Sudharshan Reddy Minumula, CEO of IDS, and Voruganti Aravind, Convenor of BBY. Sudharshan, CEO of IDS, said on the occasion that we have been pioneers in the business blockchain area, delivering cutting-edge blockchain solutions to governments and corporations globally across nine industry verticals. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Kamal and Stefan of The Hashgraph Association for serving as Headline Sponsors and supporting this historic endeavour. He also praised Chandrashekar Buddha for all of AICTE’s and the Ministry of Education’s assistance and encouragement in making this project a reality. According to Aravind Voruganti, this expedition will examine the huge potential of blockchain and Web 3 throughout India. The Bharat Blockchain Yatra demonstrates our dedication to encouraging blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship in India. Our objective is not just to increase awareness about value-driven blockchain use cases, but also to create a forum for firms and startups who have not gotten the attention they deserve, he said.

AICTE CCO Chandrasekhar Buddha attended the ceremony and inaugurated the B-ON site. Speaking at the event, he said that India has the greatest demographic dividend, and that our country’s young should take advantage of expanding their enterprises in new technologies such as Blockchain. He obtained a letter of endorsement from AICTE for Bharat Blockchain Yatra and Bharat Blockchain Network from Aravind Voruganti, Vice President IDS, and Sunil Yadavalli, Business Head IDS.

Stefan Deiss of The Hashgraph Association spoke eloquently on Hedera’s deep vision for India’s blockchain ecosystem and announced the “Hedera India Hackathon 2023”. The top three chosen businesses will each earn up to 2 crore in grant financing as part of this project to create scalable and utility-driven apps on Hedera. He also announced that one representative from each of the selected companies would embark on an incredible two-week journey to Switzerland, where they would collaborate closely with Hedera’s engineering teams, gaining invaluable insights and expertise from the industry’s best, propelling their projects to new heights of success.

Multiple professional speaker sessions, panel discussions, product presentations, and demonstrations from Web 3.0 industry leaders sparked debates, partnerships, and ideas that will define the future of blockchain technology in India. As ecosystem partners, the Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA) and the Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI) were critical. Bharat Blockchain Yatra’s skilling partners included Future Skills Prime and Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC), while community partners included Hyperledger India Chapter, Blockchained India, and Hyderabad DAO.

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