Best Power Equipments (BPE) Appoints Sushil Virmani as Managing Director

Virmani previously spent about 8 years as the MD of Socomec Innovative Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Noida: Sushil Virmani has been named the new managing director of BPE (Best Power Equipments), a leading manufacturer of comprehensive strategic power solutions in India. Power industry veteran Sushil Virmani will play a crucial role in propelling BPE to the forefront of the industry worldwide. Virmani previously spent about 8 years as the MD of Socomec Innovative Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Socomec has outperformed the market in all operational areas (power control and systems, critical power, energy efficiency, etc.) thanks to his leadership.

In a statement welcoming Mr. Sushil Virmani as BPE’s new Managing Director, BPE Founder and Group Managing Director Amitansu Satpathy said, “In the last 20 years, we have built a strong customer base and channel network. Amitansu expressed faith in Virmani’s management and added that the company’s long-term goal is to expand its base of international enterprise clients. Under his direction, we expect BPE to once again become the premier power company in the world.

In response to his promotion, Sushil Virmani exclaimed, “I am excited about my new role. I’m excited for the chance to take on new challenges and grow our customer base by capitalising on our existing distribution channels and releasing products designed with market feedback in mind.

Virmani has been with Eaton for nearly 15 years as well. He oversaw the South Asian sales and service operations for Eaton Electrical products in his role as Director—Sales and Service. When Eaton was first getting started in the year 2000, he was one of the first few employees. From product management to sales and service to channel development to strategic planning to business process development to six sigma certifications, he has worn many hats at Eaton.

Mr. Virmani spent nearly 14 years at Siemens, rising to the position of chief manager before joining Eaton. He oversaw business development in Northern India for a manufacturer of industrial equipment. While at Siemens AG in Erlangen for a few years, he gained invaluable experience in international business and honed his skills in managing complex projects. During his time there, he was able to expand his expertise in a variety of industrial applications, allowing him to better serve his clients with cutting-edge techno-commercial solutions.

The Noida, India, headquarters of BPE was founded in the year 2000. The company has diversified its revenue streams by opening offices in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia to better serve the growing demand for its power solutions for information technology (IT), industrial and critical equipment, telecommunications, and data centres outside of India. There are various types of UPS and power conditioners available, such as Line Interactive, Single Phase Online, Three Phase Online, Rack Mount/Modular, and IDU.