Arrests of Four ISIS terrorists by Gujarat ATS Spurs International Probe

Sri Lankan government has procured details from the Gujarat ATS to aid their investigation and they are keeping a close watch on Abu, the ISIS leader operating from Pakistan.


AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT : The arrest of four ISIS Sri Lankan terrorists from Ahmedabad Airport by Gujarat ATS has triggered international collaboration between Indian and Sri Lankan authorities. Sri Lanka has actively sought Indian assistance to investigate the suspects’ connections and prevent potential threats within their borders. The Sri Lankan government has also procured details from the Gujarat ATS to aid their investigation. Furthermore, Sri Lankan authorities are keeping a close watch on Abu, the ISIS leader operating from Pakistan.

Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) thwarted a potential terror attack with the arrest of four Sri Lankan nationals at Ahmedabad airport on Monday. The apprehended suspects, identified as Mohammad Nusrat (33), Mohammad Farish (35), Mohammad Nafran (27), and Mohammad Rashdeen (43), are believed to be linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“The four suspected terrorists landed at Ahmedabad airport from Sri Lanka’s Colombo via Chennai,” a senior ATS official stated. Incriminating materials, including a mobile phone, a pen drive containing a message from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and an ISIS flag, were found in their possession. A photo depicting a debris site near Nana Chiloda was also recovered from their belongings.

A follow-up raid at the aforementioned location led to the seizure of three loaded pistols and 20 cartridges, indicating a potential plan for a mass casualty attack. The investigation has now shifted towards identifying local collaborators who aided in storing the weapons.

Startlingly, further investigation revealed that two of the suspects had visited India previously under the pretense of being textile businessmen.  Authorities suspect their involvement in gold smuggling and drug trafficking activities. Additionally, a criminal case has been registered against Rashdeen in Sri Lanka.

“According to reports, these four suspects have undergone training in carrying out mass attacks for the past four months and were specifically deployed to Gujarat for this purpose,” the official added.

The probe suggests a meticulously planned operation facilitated through virtual channels. The suspects reportedly utilized the Ahmedabad airport’s WiFi network to communicate with a Pakistani handler, Abu Ishar, using encrypted messaging applications ProtonMail and Signal. This handler is believed to have coordinated with local collaborators to provide logistical support.

Meanwhile, the Gujarat cyber team is actively monitoring social media platforms to identify and neutralize any potential threats emanating from ISIS sympathizers or affiliated accounts.

This significant counter-terrorism operation has exposed a well-coordinated attempt by an international terror outfit and highlights the importance of global cooperation in combating such threats.